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Graham Barrone, ICHP, D.CBT

Graham, unconventionally, began his therapeutic professional life in Ireland as a Past Life Regression Therapist and later broadened his horizons more formally by studying at the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy where he achieved an Advanced Diploma. Over the years Graham has continued his professional development by studying and attending various accredited and non-accredited courses, trainings and talks at postgraduate and personal interest levels. As a result he has collected a host of tools, tips, and techniques, a handful of certificates and accreditations, and hopefully some useful insights into the human condition.

Graham continues to be in awe of the personal transformations his clients make. "From the mini to the major we are all in a process of continuing change and it can be so easy to get a bit lost along the way. Helping people overcome their issues and reconnect with their lives in a meaningful way makes my job the best ever."

In previous roles he has worked with Local Government Public Health departments, NHS Primary Care Services and as a mental health volunteer and advocate. Occasionally he has appeared as a guest on the radio and written the odd magazine feature on mental health and wellbeing.

These days he is a devoted therapist here on 7 Cups, a Supporting Psychotherapist for the Oxford Health Ketamine Treatment Service and the owner of his own wellbeing company What Makes it Happen.

He now lives in England where he can often be found in the beautiful countryside staring wistfully in to the middle distance, or enjoying cups of tea and/or lamenting on his lack of musical prowess at playing the mandolin.

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