Kathy Wenzel

Kathy took a circuitous route to writing, beginning her career in marketing and operations before landing in her current role as the editor of a leading regional publication in Michigan. Mental health is an issue that resonates with her as she has had her own struggles with the illness. She believes that her work/life experience has placed her in a position to share what she has learned over the years.

Articles by Kathy Wenzel

Eating Disorders: How You Can Help

Posted 22 February 2019

Know someone struggling with an eating disorder? Here’s how you can support them on their road to recovery

Signs of an Eating Disorder (And How to Get Help)

Posted 22 February 2019

Types of eating disorders and how to know when to seek treatment

What You Didn’t Know about Having an Eating Disorder

Posted 18 February 2019

From anorexia to bulimia nervosa, this author shares surprising facts about eating disorders and what led to her recovery

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