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Kathy Wenzel

Kathy took a circuitous route to writing, beginning her career in marketing and operations before landing in her current role as the editor of a leading regional publication in Michigan. Mental health is an issue that resonates with her as she has had her own struggles with the illness. She believes that her work/life experience has placed her in a position to share what she has learned over the years.

Articles by Kathy Wenzel

What is Homophobia? Dealing With Homophobia Within the Family

How even subtle homophobia hurts and what we can do about it
Posted 19 May 2019

What to Expect in Your 50's: Guide for Women

Women's health tips for the most surprising issues women face over 50, from those who have been there
Posted 13 May 2019

Life After 50: Your Path to Fulfillment

Imagine the possibilities - what feeds your soul and gives meaning to your life?
Posted 19 April 2019

Top Questions About Alcohol, Answered

From "Is alcohol a depressant?" to "Does alcohol make you fat?" - we answer the internet's most searched questions
Posted 16 April 2019

Supporting Loved Ones with Bipolar Disorder

Living with bipolar disorder often feels isolating, so having the support of family and friends can be vital in maintaining stability
Posted 28 March 2019

10 Easy Ways to Feel Happier...Today!

By applying some simple rules to your life, you can improve not only your mood but the happiness of others as well
Posted 14 March 2019