Leslie Carr, PsyD

Dr. Leslie Carr is a licensed clinical psychologist who works as both a therapist and a coach. Leslie received her BA in psychology from Connecticut College, a small liberal arts college in New London, CT, and she received her masters and her doctorate in psychology from The California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco. Over the course of her academic career, Leslie has had a lot of varied experiences, including working on locked, in-patient units of a psychiatric hospital and working for an institute that studied the psychology of serial killers – but today she’s mostly focused on what helps people thrive.

Articles by Leslie Carr, PsyD

3 Tips to Achieve Growth & Change for a Healthy Relationship

Posted 18 February 2019

No person or couple stays the same forever, here’s how to keep growing and changing...together

How Past Experiences Inform Who You Are

Posted 18 February 2019

It sounds cliche, but here’s why our life experiences affect the person we become

How to Meditate Anywhere

Posted 18 February 2019

Whether you’re on your morning commute or out to dinner with friends, here’s how you can meditate on the go

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