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Join 7 Cups and Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation for the #BeKind21 Challenge

It takes 21 days to establish a habit, so let's work together to spread kindness around the world!

7 Cups' mission is to empower people to make the world a more empathetic, kinder place, so we are extremely excited to join Lady Gaga and the Born This Way Foundation to participate in #BeKind21 campaign from September 1st - 21st!

Why #BeKind21 and When?

Inspired by the idea that habits are formed by repeating an activity for 21 consecutive days, the challenge calls on participants to practice an act of kindness each day from September 1st to September 21st.

How to participate

Our company and community will be coming together to spread acts of kindness to others (as well as to the self). We've created the below list of daily ideas, or, feel free to use the blank calendar to write your own activities in. Need more inspiration? See this article for ideas on acts of kindness for seniors.

Please join us in our #BeKind21 community and/or by tagging us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) with any of your #BeKind21 acts of kindness.

Bonus: those who pledge here are entered to win Lady Gaga tickets!

7 Cups and #BeKind21 Ideas Calendar

Click here for a printable calendar.

  1. Volunteer at an organization making a difference in your community

  2. Meditate and practice calming your mind

  3. Donate your gently used clothes or shoes

  4. Unplug for the day and take a rest from technology

  5. Say "thank you" to someone who's making a difference in your life

  6. Learn how to instill hope in others & yourself by reading this guide

  7. Start a gratitude journal

  8. Share your time and visit someone who needs a friendly face

  9. Go green - pick one item you use every day and switch to a sustainable version

  10. Leave a positive message for someone to discover

  11. Share a meal with someone - nothing brings people together like food

  12. Volunteer as an online emotional support listener

  13. Call someone you care about, just to check in

  14. Share your story - your voice is powerful

  15. Appreciate yourself - write a letter to your future self

  16. Look in the mirror & say 5 nice things about yourself (or more!)

  17. Say hi to someone new

  18. Choose a mantra or favorite phrase that will help keep you motivated

  19. Waiting in line? Invite the person behind you to go first

  20. Practice self-care - do an activity that helps you relax

  21. Help someone without having to be asked

  22. Use this calendar to download your own ideas

    Posted: 29 August 2019
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Shannon Guyton

Shannon is the managing editor at 7 Cups, passionate about helping others through the power of words.

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Join 7 Cups and Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation for the #BeKind21 Challenge

It takes 21 days to establish a habit, so let's work together to spread kindness around the world!
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