What is the Difference Between Transgender and Transexual?

Difference between transgender and transexual

You may have heard of the labels “transgender” and “transexual” but are confused about the difference between them. Don’t worry, I’ll shed light on that here.

Transgender means someone who identifies as a gender that is different from the gender they were assigned at birth by the doctor that delivered them.

Transsexual is slightly different, and for me, I find the word a tad outdated.

Transsexual means someone who is transgender and has had medical treatment to permanently change into their gender identity. This may include hormone therapy, surgery to remove breasts (or create them), or surgery to change their genitalia. It also means changing the gender markings on their birth certificate, and/or driver’s license after medical treatment that represents their identity.

You can’t tell just by looking if someone is transgender or transsexual. You can be only certain if they have told you.

If you know someone is transsexual, please be polite! Their transition can be a very private thing so they may or may not want any questions.

For more tips on how to support the transgender community, click here.

If you are transgender or transexual and looking for extra support, join our LGBTQ+ community.

Posted: 21 March 2019

Elijah Lee

Eli is an agender pal from New Zealand going through the mental health system.

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