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Scott is a licensed mental health counselor with over 10 years of experience in the mental health field.

Lisa is a licensed mental health counselor with an eclectic style of therapy to fit every client's needs.

Adrienne is a licensed psychologist, assistant professor, and clinical educator with a holistic emphasis in healing.

Crysta is a licensed clinical social worker providing individual and couples counseling.

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Choosing Your Major: 5 Tips to Help You Make the Right Decision

Posted 13 May 2019

Deciding what to major in can feel like you’re deciding your life course in a short period of time - here’s how to tackle this decision

Rory Boutilier RPC

Rory is a Registered Professional Counsellor and registered with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association.

College Binge Drinking: The Dangers No One Talks About

Posted 19 April 2019

You want to partake in the fun, but how can you imbibe without good times turning to regret

Angie McCullagh

Angie is a Seattle writer who hopes to have a small part in erasing stigmas associated with mental health issues.

Rachel Cherry White

Rachel Cherry White has a degree in Family & Community Services and is a strong proponent of psychological well being, truly believing that everyone can and should live their best life.

Supporting Loved Ones with Bipolar Disorder

Posted 28 March 2019

Living with bipolar disorder often feels isolating, so having the support of family and friends can be vital in maintaining stability

Kathy Wenzel

Kathy is the editor of a leading regional publication in Michigan with personal experience with and a passion for mental health issues.

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