TakeABreath119 Starfish 2014
on Thursday

we have the BEST listeners on here i swear. 



Jkm97 Starfish 2017
on Thursday

@TakeABreath119 you are one of them!


TakeABreath119 Starfish 2014
on Friday

@Jkm97 thank you dearly 

lovelyMango66 Bunny 2015
on Friday

@TakeABreath119 Completely agree and you are surely one of them :)

krishna9762 Dolphin 2018
on Friday

@TakeABreath119  ya meeee


ampinator Dolphin 2017
1 day ago

@TakeABreath119 so true!! everyone here is wonderful


CaringUnicorn98 Turtle 2017
1 day ago

@TakeABreath119 totally!! So proud of everyone! Keep up the good work guys!

brilliantScenery72 Dolphin 2018
on Thursday

Every listener on here is so supporting 

LoveLife720 Dolphin 2018
on Thursday

@brilliantScenery72 SHOUT OUTyes

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InsertYouNameHere Dolphin 2018
on Thursday

Love yourself

LoveLife720 Dolphin 2018
on Thursday

Love youself because you are unique<3heartcheeky

wonderfulAngel56 Turtle 2017
on Thursday

You can do it! 

SunandSea02 Dolphin 2018
on Friday

All of the listeners on 7 cups are amazing! Keep up the good work!!


Supportiveemily12 Turtle 2017
on Saturday

Wanted to give a quick shout out for all of the amazing listeners out there. I do not have a favorite or chose favorites but I think everyone has a chance at being a great listener if they try. @everyone. 

ASilentObserver Starfish 2017
on Saturday

Congratulations to new Verified Listeners and earning VL badge. Good job!!


TrueWanderer Dolphin 2015
on Saturday

@ASilentObserver Thank you so much for this :)

BlueRoseAoiBara Eagle 2016
2 days ago

@ASilentObserver  Thank you, I really appreciate your guide along the way smiley

youandmetogether Turtle 2017
13 hours ago

@ASilentObserver Thank you :) 

unknownFrnd4U Fish 2017
8 hours ago

@ASilentObserver Thank you so much, It was really nice to talk to you,

DashyTalk Penguin 2017
7 hours ago

@ASilentObserver Thanks much for that... Appreciated much!

strawberry Butterfly 2014
5 hours ago


Thank you so much 😊

luminousHeart21 Dolphin 2018
on Saturday

Sending much love, light, and good vibes to all the listeners ✨ you’re all needed. Thank you for your efforts!

DashyTalk Penguin 2017
7 hours ago

And to you too @luminousHeart21

heavenJoy90 Eagle 2016
on Saturday

@ASilentObserver thank you very much for helping us through this.

Caz29 Dolphin 2018
3 days ago

@TakeaBreath119 So agree!!! 

ananiasacts Turtle 2017
3 days ago

It's interesting that "inlets," "enlist," "silent," and "listen" are all anagrams because they're so closely related on this site.  (The only other one is "tinsel" which has nothing to do with anything but seemed worth mentioning.)  Seems like a clever letter animation might help to reenlist a silenter listener (also all anagrams and the only ones.)  So, seeing as this is supposed to be a place where we post a "shout out" to encourage each other as listeners I thought pointing out that odd coincidence might amuse someone.


SpruceRaven Dolphin 2018
2 days ago

@ananiasacts Maybe they all have a bit of "sparkle" and rekection of light in common? ☺🙄🤔

SpruceRaven Dolphin 2018
2 days ago

Reflection ;->

TeresaGreninja91 Butterfly 2017
3 days ago

Every listener who is working in here using their precious time to help others, and it's really good way to use their time.

NandoChicken Turtle 2017
2 days ago


ruhospu Dolphin 2018
2 days ago

A shout out to all fellow listeners you guys are awesome and keep spreading the love and don't forget to take good care of yourselves y'all

Imperfect84 Elephant 2017
2 days ago

This is a post dedicated to the amazing,kind,empathetic listeners here in our community :)   <3

NancySV1 Butterfly 2017
24 hours ago

@takeABreath119 your so right!  smiley

I swear we do better than some therapists thats how good we aresmileyyeskeep it up

DrDumpling Dolphin 2018
18 hours ago


Im so happy.

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