on August 9th

- Pressure to go out more. Not just stay in my room all day when not in office. This one time I finally went out for a vacation to a different state, and we took a temp hotel room, I wanted to stay in the room all day rather than go out and explore.

- Pressure to be competetive at work.To be ready to accept more challanges and difficult tasks. This is more innate than societal. Others do it, and so I feel I should too. Also, they are on a constant lookout for future opportunities. I cant even handle this job.
- Pressure to dress and groom a certain way. I dont really understand fashion and I really lag in grooming areas. 
- Pressure to behave a certain way in situations. Example: I got a desk job. I see my colleagues being all serious and stuff. Also, somehow people are born with the ability to react perfectly? Like I am never able to develop the mindset "Okay so I have a problem right here. How can I solve it?!". Instead id think all about how I suck at other things too and get overwhelmed.

- I cant handle a bunch of people. This one time I and my offcie colleagues were travelling in a train, and sharing stories about themselves, times in their life when they acted strangely. And then one person commented on how I was so silent, and I was somehow getting irritated so mch that i said "I have never been that idiotic(a harsher synonym of idiotic tbh)". :| 

randomp3rson Kangaroo 2018
on October 4th

Society does pressure people. Boy, I feel it too! However, remind yourself that it's okay to feel overwhelmed and pressured. For example, if you were a math teacher and 1 student didn't get the lesson, you wouldn't just give up on them and kick them out of the class. Everyone is different so even if you're the one worker who doesn't know what to do, there's no reason to feel ashamed. However, there is the side that you can't believe you have no ability at all. I run and I had a race on monday. On sunday, I ran 3 miles, On monday I ran for about 20 minutes and I automatically thought I would do awful on my race because I always believed you need to rest a lot before a race. I ended up getting 8th place, passed 4 other runners, and beat my time. You can do anything. You just have to believe. Sometimes, if you need a break, maybe step outside, grab a snack and then go back to work. I think talking to a therapist, sleeping more and thinking more positivitly can help you. Sometimes taking a break as well. Laying in bed might mean you're overwhelmed. I've done it before and when I went back into my routine, I automatically felt better after. 

Eleuthromaniac Starfish 2018
on September 8th

A pressure of having to feel completely functional on day to day tasks and being questioned of why you cannot fully function in proper order. It can definitely feel alientating when you are made to feel alone in such a negating routine as if others don’t suffer along those pathways as well.

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GhostBunnywhite Fish 2018
on September 24th

just passing by...
and look about somethings to be read in this thread...

Well, according to my pov => the key of the problem was accepting the reality as it is, I mean accepting ourself, but mostly we use to like denial mostly since it is common for us to find.

Proxalina Bunny 2018
on September 24th

Being expected to participate in social events with work....

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