easyLemon4509 Starfish 2018
on August 9th

- Pressure to go out more. Not just stay in my room all day when not in office. This one time I finally went out for a vacation to a different state, and we took a temp hotel room, I wanted to stay in the room all day rather than go out and explore.

- Pressure to be competetive at work.To be ready to accept more challanges and difficult tasks. This is more innate than societal. Others do it, and so I feel I should too. Also, they are on a constant lookout for future opportunities. I cant even handle this job.
- Pressure to dress and groom a certain way. I dont really understand fashion and I really lag in grooming areas. 
- Pressure to behave a certain way in situations. Example: I got a desk job. I see my colleagues being all serious and stuff. Also, somehow people are born with the ability to react perfectly? Like I am never able to develop the mindset "Okay so I have a problem right here. How can I solve it?!". Instead id think all about how I suck at other things too and get overwhelmed.

- I cant handle a bunch of people. This one time I and my offcie colleagues were travelling in a train, and sharing stories about themselves, times in their life when they acted strangely. And then one person commented on how I was so silent, and I was somehow getting irritated so mch that i said "I have never been that idiotic(a harsher synonym of idiotic tbh)". :| 

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