Arcoiris21 Elephant 2018
on June 11th

Tereible sad, disconnected, cannot focus on anything and I complete fail. Humilliated, hurted and hopeless, confused and cannot breathe. 

I just want to sleep and never wake up again


OMG..that is EXACT how I am feeling right now.  I love to sleep ( escape ) and hope that when i wake (sometimes don't even want to ) I will feel a little better. This is kicking my butt!!

navyThinker2735 Kangaroo 2018
on June 13th

I feel super mad, upset, full of hate, evil, not a good person, unforgiving of myself and the other person, all apologies are empty from that person, no love for the other person, all because that person hurt me really, really bad.

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warmheartedCity185 Starfish 2015
on June 15th

Tired. Heavy. Anxious. Stressed. Overwhelmed. Suffocated. Stuck.

Babytootie Kangaroo 2018
on June 19th

@warmheartedCity185. I feel the same lousy way.

FrailSail Elephant 2018
on June 17th

Frustrated. Annoyed. Bored. Powerles. Angry.  Stupid.

diplomaticShade2167 Penguin 2015
on June 20th


Horrible feeling I agree.. Just one step at a time and hold ya head high 

FrailSail Elephant 2018
on June 20th


Thanks, friend! I will do my best! smiley

diplomaticShade2167 Penguin 2015
on June 21st


That’s all anyone can ever ask of you..

Babytootie Kangaroo 2018
on June 19th

Scared for my life, stressed to the max, not understood, very, very alone even with my family around me. Like a failure. Hopeless. Sad. Worried and again, very SCARED! I need someone to just understand me and what I'm going through and no matter how much I talk to my family, they just don't get it. 

diplomaticShade2167 Penguin 2015
on June 20th


Sorry your feeling so low and scared.. Hold ya head high hun

Kaeyde Turtle 2017
on June 23rd

Angry. Angry that no matter what I do it's never enough. That I need to push myself to greater heights out of my comfort zone just to please others. That my life doesn't feel like my own but it fills me with a temporary flame.

Lost. Lost within myself, within the world. Searching for the person and place I am meant to be. Confused as to what is the right or wrong decision, but knowing the decision is irrelevant.

Voiceless. Surrounded by people who care still makes me feel alone and burdened by piped up emotions. Knowing that no matter how many times I explain it people will never know what I exactly mean. That I just need to nod my head and pretend they understand.

Hopeful. Waking up with effort, but still looking for the morning light. Knowing that if I keep going, maybe, just maybe I can put myself fully back together. It won't be easy, but I'm going to see it through.

YeIIow Kangaroo 2018
on June 25th

@Kaeyde I hope someone has said this to you before but I'm proud of you buddy. Proud of you for trying 👍

Kaeyde Turtle 2017
on June 25th


Love you~ 


i understand how you feel as I can relate to it too! 

CookieBears Kangaroo 2018
on June 26th

Physically uncomfortable.

Saturation Starfish 2018
on July 2nd

I feel behind, lost, amature. If that’s a way that you can feel. Im at a age where my life should be set but it isnt. I feel super behind when it comes to my other friends. And it sucks and eats at me every time I think about it.

It is so weird because I complain about it and never do anything about it. I have no motivation for doing anything- it’s like I’m expecting for everything to fall in place itself. like in the movies. Ugh I need a reality check ASAP. 

kagrba Starfish 2018
on July 7th

@Saturation I totally feel the same way 

lostmarshmallow Kangaroo 2018
on July 2nd

completely lonely and anxious

WMi Elephant 2015
on July 3rd


nicePeach9623 Starfish 2018
on July 2nd

Lonely, tired, defeated, embarrassed, hated, disapproved of, alone, empty, unimportant, a disgrace. 

WMi Elephant 2015
on July 3rd

@nicePeach9623 feeling similar with you dear. i hope you'll feel better soon. it may feel like a neverending struggle and can be very exhausting *offers a warm relaxing cup of tea and some hugs*

Eyeflutters Starfish 2018
on July 3rd

Overwhelmed, the thought of living alone, not being cared for 

ameliaa1parkin Starfish 2018
on July 3rd

I feel great! Just decided that my next two weeks will be very rich and unforgettable! I'll spend my holidays in Vegas! It's a dream, is not it? Look, how many interesting events will take place there the next 14 days. I'm already looking forward to the fun. Who rested in Vegas? Share your impressions!

liz4383 Elephant 2015
on July 4th

Confused. I’ve been to a mental health facility two times over the past 4years and both times I’ve been diagnosed bipolar. I have never once been manic 

on July 6th

I feel okay for once.

CookieBears Kangaroo 2018
on July 11th


purplesloth Butterfly 2017
on July 12th

Kinda bummed out 

aquaBlueberry5739 Turtle 2017
on July 12th


CookieBears Kangaroo 2018
on July 14th


tether Starfish 2018
on Tuesday

Something between sad and scared. I guess that's anxious.

Any one else out there have trouble working? I am at wits end with my anxiety...can't focus..or very hard to keep a thought in my head.  This anxiety/depression is consuming me.  I'm feeling that I am missing out on life.

  Why me...I'm sooo scared

Magrathea95 Starfish 2018
on Wednesday

I feel like a hollowed out, empty shell of a man that I once was.

loveself123 Starfish 2018
on Wednesday

I feel stupid for letting myself love him so much and accepting his words, foolish and sad that I still feel the need to consistently keep in contact with him even a month later and have so much trouble letting go, sleepless even though all I want to do is sleep all the time, wanting to kick myself for the neediness and short patience i showed at the end, frustrated/devastated because I want to date him again and it will never happen.

upset at my own lack of self confidence and disbelief at how shot my self esteem has become. 

slightly happy because i have wonderful friends who have supported me the way through and that I decided to sign up for therapy bc I realized this is more about my self esteem than anything else 

oliveYard4495 Starfish 2018
3 days ago


I can relate to this too. I feel confused and wonder whether he was honest and truthful as he insists. I wonder if he lied to me; wonder if he manipulated me. Wonder if I am too trustful or infatuated or simply naive. Wonder why is it so hard to move on :(

loveself123 Starfish 2018
1 day ago


I feel manipulated that he said all the write words and things for me to love him and then in the end, i am left high and dry. I feel stupid that I am having such a hard time letting go, but also bc of my naivete and the depth to which I feel things. what about you? 

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