Jennifer164 Turtle 2017
on January 8th

I am proud of myself because I am trying my best to improve myself and I am helping a lot of people out here.

indigoKite Dolphin 2018
on January 9th

I’m proud of myself because today counts one month with out cutting

Jennifer164 Turtle 2017
on January 12th

@indigoKite Well I am proud of you too!Keep it up buddy!Take care of yourself and keep shining.You are very strong and wonderful!

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Mamabear209 Eagle 2017
on January 9th

I am currently sitting with my emotional pain rather than distracting myself, though I very strongly want to escape. 

kindPoetry91 Fish 2017
on January 12th


I could help others.

gene2017 Turtle 2017
on January 12th

I figured out what was wrong with our faulty furnace and repaired it without a repairman.  So I'm feeling a bit less worthless today.

softstrawberry Turtle 2017
on January 13th

after i've been struggling on and off w/ self harm for about five? years, i've finally made it about a year without hurting myself

HenryWatford Dolphin 2018
on January 15th

Most of the time I am really nice to my friends and family and always act polite despite the circumstances. I never get angry and am sometimes funny

SundayCoffee Dolphin 2018
on Wednesday

I'm proud of myself because I've been through a lot of unimaginable rough times but I'm still here and fighting. 

Hasd Fish 2017
on Wednesday

I am proud of myself because i can smile in the face of a crisis, and i am totally amazing at it. Also, i never ever boast and i am sometimes humourous...

Teddy9 Dolphin 2018
on Wednesday

I’m proud of myself for becoming a listener 

peacefulHug92 Turtle 2017
on Thursday

I'm proud that even though I have been stuggling this past year, I have marched on and am i here today! ❤❤

GettingUp Turtle 2017
on Thursday

I am proud of myself because I felt today really calm and kind and comfortable inside myself. I like it :) 

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