energeticCup8341 Bunny 2018
on September 9th

You are smart

Sazza Fish 2018
on September 9th

Family comes first.

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OrangeBanana2017 Turtle 2017
on September 11th

Don’t do it

on September 12th


that sounds foreboding, and a little funny :P

intelligentCoconut2059 Starfish 2018
on September 11th

Loneliness is good.

lazyKatz Horse 2015
on September 11th

Choose Friends Wisely

DelilahWilliams Penguin 2018
on September 12th

Stop bothering with other people's lives. They don't really matter. The only one that matters is your family.

Evalovescats Bunny 2018
on September 17th

It gets better

Taten1199 Elephant 2015
on Wednesday

Loyalty is everything 

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