LoverofLove14 Camel 2018
on June 6th

You messed up     (in your teenage years with the choices you made)

4trueyou Kangaroo 2018
on June 12th

Stop running away!

Talk to an expert therapist
She's really good. She has been very helpful.
Reviewed Jun 21, 2018
on June 12th

Face your fears

rachael01 Kangaroo 2018
on Friday

Choose for yourself 

FrailSail Elephant 2018
on Sunday

Don't flee, FIGHT!

psychocutie Elephant 2018
on Sunday

Get help now!

Don't do it :) 

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FriendlyCowNose Kangaroo 2018
2 days ago

Just hold on.

1 day ago

Trust yourself always!

autumnrain22 Dolphin 2018
7 hours ago

Follow through, kid!

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