1Lotusflower Starfish 2018
on July 8th
“Never Never Never Never Quit”



Wednesday is a good day to pause and give yourself a hug.




#simplesmallstep #selfcompassion #selfcare #love

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“Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about his real problems.”


For me the Stoics are a bit dry and joyless but annoyingly they do come up with great sense. Epictetus draws our attention to the power of the imagination. It’s a formidable tool in directing our minds on positive or negative paths. Harness the imagination and we can begin to control our beliefs, behaviours and feelings.


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heavenDew42 Dolphin 2018
on Monday

May not be the best but I’m far from the worst 

MikeyK Turtle 2017
on Wednesday

When you're down, depressed or feeling hopeless, remember that we find ourselves in our struggles and forge identities through our efforts.

ScottFantucchioLMHC Kangaroo 2018
on Wednesday

Forgive the length of this quote, but I feel that this whole speech in necessary to convey the message behind it.  I find this to be an inspiring way to re-frame some of the negative things that happen in life:


“How do I deal with setbacks, failures, delays, defeats, or other disasters? I actually have a fairly simple way of dealing with these situations, summed up in one word: 'Good.'

This is something that one of my direct subordinates, one of the guys who worked for me, a guy who became one of my best friends pointed out.

He would pull me aside with some major problem or issue that was going on, and he’d say, 'Boss, we’ve got this thing, this situation, and it’s going terribly wrong.'

I would look at him and say, 'Good.'

And finally, one day, he was telling me about something that was going off the rails, and as soon as he finished explaining it to me, he said, 'I already know what you’re going to say.'

And I asked, 'What am I going to say?'

And he said, 'You’re going to say: ‘Good.’ '

He continued, 'That’s what you always say. When Something is wrong or going bad, you just look at me and say, ‘Good.’ '

And I said, 'Well. I mean it. Because that is how I operate.'

So I explained to him that when things are going bad, there’s going to be some good that will come from it.

Oh, the mission got canceled? Good… We can focus on another one.
Didn’t get the new high-speed gear we wanted? Good… We can keep it simple.
Didn’t get promoted? Good… More time to get better.
Didn’t get funded? Good… We own more of the company.
Didn’t get the job you wanted? Good… Go out, gain more experience, and build a better resume.
Got injured? Good… Needed a break from training.
Got tapped out? Good… It’s better to tap out in training than tap out on the street.
Got beat? Good… We learned.
Unexpected problems? Good… We have to figure out a solution.

That’s it. When things are going bad: Don’t get all bummed out, don’t get frustrated. No. Just look at the issue and say: 'Good.' "                               

                      -JOCKO WILLINK

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“Each day the first day: Each day a life.”

Dag Hammarskjold

Well said Dag. Fitting words for a humanitarian economist statesman. 

All we ever have is right now. Despite all of our broken promises, dysfuntional behaviours and failed routines Dag tells us that it’s ok. Begin again the next day. It’s the moment we stop beginning again that we can lose ourselves to the past or hide in fear of the future. Every breath: New life.


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ThereseAlice Starfish 2018
3 days ago

“Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time.”

First I looked for a happy Friday image, and then I remembered that not everyone feels that way.
Then I thought about an uplifting quote, but that didn't feel genuine to me today.
So I thought puppies and kittens, that covers most of the bases for everyone!
Enjoy this nugget of interspecies love, and remember to take care of yourselves. 


#onesimplesmallstep #selfcompassion #puppiesandkittens

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beehappy132 Starfish 2018
2 days ago

“Your now is not your forever” 

starsabove7303 Starfish 2018
2 days ago

Don't get stuck in the moment.

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