lolpobug Camel 2015
on March 29th, 2016

I've had this account for a while but I haven't been on here for a while. I want to restart my account or whatever. Where are the settings at? It said something about settings? My name thing isn't even right. The p is suppose to be an o. And since I haven't been on in a while I don't even know what this is anymore. It's changed so much. 

on March 29th, 2016


Hey there!

You can change your username in settings, and you can find settins here. If you are confused or stuck anywhere, you can message me here. I will try my best to answer you :)

Take care

KrinkTheMellowUnicorn Elephant 2015
on October 21st, 2016

@Eunoia, thanks for stepping up!

December29 Bunny 2016
on September 20th, 2016

The web site is not bad. I want to see last post when I go in a topic in forum. It shows first topic and you have go to last page for seing the last post. 

iOS app is really so bad, not stable and effective. The app must be review by a good developer.

helpfulCity5060 Eagle 2016
on October 21st, 2016

@December29 i'm using android, & still this site is pretty confusing for me (i'm new here)

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whooshie Turtle 2016
on December 21st, 2016

My 2 cents: I avoid listeners altogether and just work with my therapist. She is awesome and totally worth the 150. Works for me.

kat0v0 Elephant 2017
on May 19th, 2017

I can't get back to the mobile format of the 7 cups app on my phone. I'm stuck on the My Notes tab. What should I do to correct this?

Flourish Kangaroo 2014
on May 20th, 2017

@kat0v0 - I suggest you clear your cookies (in your mobile browser) and try again. Be aware that clearing cookies will sign you off from anywhere you have been signed on so you will need to re-enter your password. If that does not help I suggest you contact 7 Cups support specifying your issue.

kat0v0 Elephant 2017
on May 20th, 2017

@Flourish thanks for the info!

Flourish Kangaroo 2014
on May 23rd, 2017

@kat0v0 - You are welcome!

LoveChi Penguin 2017
on May 22nd, 2017

Please issue my refund for the 115pounds that has been taken from my account. I did not realise I would be charged a huge sum of money. I thought I was paying 5dollars to chat the same as on the free chat service but with a qualified person. I also did not realise it wasnt a real time service and that you get a generic robotic message, not ideal for people reaching out to someone in the moment to be sent such a generic response and realise noone is there when you had signed up to talk with someone. I answered the robotics expecting to be matched with someone instantanously who would be experienced in the areas I had highlighted. For this specific issue it is an essential requirement to my reaching out to someone. I feel this aspect of the service really needs clearing up quickly, people who are already in vulnerable situations, reaching out in the moment should then not have to worry about these other issues. The fact that I then cannot get incontact or get a promt response to resaolve this matter is just added further anxiety to the situation. This entire situation is now causing me to feel a great deal of anxiety about the large sum of money I cannot afford in one go and especially for a service that has not met my needs. Please respond and please refund this money. I urgently require it to book a face to face therapy session, with someone who can assist me at this time.

AffyAvo Turtle 2014
on May 23rd, 2017

@LoveChi The admins generally don't respond here.  The best way of getting a response is by contacting

If you read the FAQ though, you will see that it says refunds are not given.

LoveChi Penguin 2017
on May 28th, 2017


LoveChi Penguin 2017
on May 28th, 2017

@AffyAvo thank you for the response. Yes, I am beginning to see that they don't respond anywhere. It's very disappointing.

Yes, I have read that they don't give refunds but I have also read that they match you with a therapist based on your needs which didn't happen.

versatilePapaya4774 Elephant 2017
on May 29th, 2017



I'm sorry to say that the only true thing on this website is that they don't give refunds. You will not get a response from admin as they set the system up to take your money on purpose. I'm sorry you joined the LARGE group of people who have had money stolen from them and received no help. 

nahda Camel 2017
on June 28th, 2017

@LoveChi - how did you go about with the refund process? any luck?  I faced a similar situation, in my most lowest point and at a time when I was extremely vulnerable seeking out some assitance, did not realize that I was going to be charged 150$ straight away, I thought there was a 1 month  trial period, but I was charged from the day 1 of signing up.   It took me 3 months to realizes that I have been charged every single month the amount of 150$,  I understand that it was also oversight on my part, but I do really hope and pray that I get atleast some of the money back, minimum for the 2 months.  Please tell me there is home, I am curretnly unemployed and really dont have that kind of money to spend.  Also I do believe that my needs were not fully met, but I feel like I was taken advantage of and this is causing me a great deal of stress and anxiety, really resulting in new problem and issues that I really dont need to be dealing with  :(    :( 

faithfulThinker8838 Kangaroo 2017
on June 28th, 2017


Unfortunately this website is set up to take advantage of people who are at their very lowest. They will not issue a refund. They will not offer anything to make the situation better.  They will not monitor quality on the site. Sorry you were scammed. 

sonzz Eagle 2015
on August 10th, 2017

@faithfulThinker8838 7 cups of tea is a disgrace!

they do NOT help anyone! they are scammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loyalSea5164 Turtle 2017
on January 4th

@LoveChi Hi (this is also to anyone else who needs a refund),

What I did was submit a ticket to 7 cups about a refund situation, and also sent them an email describing my problem at the email address My problem was that neither of my therapists responded within the 3 day free trial and then I got charged immediately afterwards even though I received no therapy. Then, what they should do is send you an email saying they need more information so they attach a form to it; fill out the form, and it should give a list of three reasons as to why you want. Complete it, and they will review the situation to see if you are elligble for a refund - I managed to get mine.

Just persist - I sent messages via email, tumblr, and two tickets because I did not deserve to get charged.

Hope this helps!

sociablePear62 Turtle 2014
on July 28th, 2017

I have tried to talk 4 times tonight the first one disappeared without warning and since then I have been unable to connect. Ridiculous

sonzz Eagle 2015
on August 10th, 2017



loyalSea5164 Turtle 2017
on January 2nd

Is there anything we can do about this situation?

versatilePineapple7269 Fish 2017
on September 5th, 2017
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