singercrystalspirit Fish 2015
on September 6th


I just wanted to say I have browsed through these somewhat, and I'm here. I haven't been on 7cups for about a week and I am catching up a bit on all the forums. 

on September 7th


are you staying on the team?

on September 8th

Can I ask a dead serious question?

Is this thread no longer just for the team? I see a lot of people here who aren’t on the team (myself included now) and I’m just wondering because it used to be strictly team only. 

MonBon Kangaroo 2014
on September 8th


Hi bee! I think I can sort of answer your question but let's see.

So this particular thread was created by the leaders of the forum team. Not sure if it was roadie, poeticguy, or whoever was leading at the team, but the first post was definitely edited by me as that was the color scheme I used for every single category when we were creating them. The intent of this thread was so users in the community could a) see who was on the team (this became less of an important function with subcoms) and b) communicate with the team.

Threads are not exclusive, and I'm a little disappointed to see a thread I created for the community is slated as "for team use only." A different interpretation of it could be "for team related issues only" which I would agree with and would encourage anyone posting here, team or no, to keep to the topic.

Additionally, I have seen requests for people to become a familiar face with the community and the team. I am not sure how someone is supposed to become familiar with the team if they aren't allowed to talk to them in a team setting. And, even if it was supposed to only be those currently on the team, that means you and "ex" teammates shouldn't be posting either since you or them aren't on the team anymore. But, I would never ask you not to post here because I think being on a team is more than a title. It's about those willing to help and willing to communicate.

I hope that answers your question at least a tiny bit.

on September 8th


Wow it's very helpful to know how/why things have been created here the way they have been. Thank you!

on September 9th


It does, thank you. When I was on the team it was strictly for the team to discuss team matters, like checkin rotation and stuff. I’ve gotten notifications since because I’ve posted here before and am therefore subscribed, but I was really wondering because it was always (as far as I knew) for team use only. How we got to know the community was by posting in checkins and other threads. 

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