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Welcome to the Disability Support Community!

This is an inclusive community where people can seek and provide support and post about topics related to learning disabilities, chronic pain, chronic illnesses and conditions, physical disabilities and developmental disabilities. You are welcome to join in even if you don't used disabled as a label for yourself.

There are a number of ways to get involved and be supported. We have a pop up teen chatroom and a 24/7 adult chatroom.

There are guides for Chronic Pain and T2 Diabetes
There are Q&A sections for Disabilities and Chronic Pain

Members may connect with a listener who has disabilities, chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, adhd or autism listed as a topic and there are listeners with disabilities supporting people with disabilities

We encourage people to post new threads and respond to others in the forums! Some good ways to get started are to introduce yourself and to join our tag list to be notified of weekly check ins and events. We also have an Interview Series: Inclusive Diaries if you would be open to sharing more about yourself.

Looking to be even more activity in the Disability Community? Join as a leader!

*Note we are inclusive of all disabilities but Support Plus has topics specific for Autism and ADHD which may be of interest to some of you.

Community Guidelines

🌟 Please be respectful of everybody's thoughts and opinions.

🌟 Don't think you are alone, so please share

🌟 Please be patient if you feel like your concern hasn't been addressed yet; we are working hard to add more leaders and supporters.

🌟 If you have any concerns, reach out to a leader or make a report (click for details).

🌟 Most of all - don't forget to be awesome! You are loved and accepted here, no matter what!

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