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Everyone (irrespective of background) is welcome to share and participate in the Young People of Color Community. 

The Young People of Color at 7 Cups is supported by The Steve Fund, the nation’s only non-profit focused on working with students, colleges, and nonprofit organizations to promote the emotional well-being and mental health of young people of color. During their late teens and twenties, young people of color may face challenges related to their mental health and emotional well-being that they need to cope with. That’s what Young People of Color at 7Cups is all about! It’s a place to come and be heard, to find and give support. Welcome, friends, to the YoungPeople of Color Support Online Community at 7 Cups.

We encourage you to go through the people of color guide.

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@KimsonTheSteveFundYPOC and @KeepGoing21 every Saturday at 5:00 PM ET

In which season, were you born?

by @Tazzie on September 10th
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Community Guidelines

1. Treat these discussions as an opportunity to both support and learn

2. Try to understand where others are coming from

3. Encourage an inclusive and welcoming environment

4. Strive to keep the community as safe as possible

5. Your voice is important

Community Resources

1. People of Color Listeners - See a full list here

2. Follow our weekly quotes  #peopleofcolor feed

3. Check out The Steve Fund and learn more about the work that supports our community 

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