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Welcome to the Student and Career Support Sub-community!

Being a Student and a Career person is harder than ever. We here understand the same and strive to offer support to Students and Career People worldwide.
Do explore our forums for check-ins, resources, motivation, and more related posts. 
We are so glad to have you with us.
Introduce yourself HERE so we get to know you! Thank you and hope you have a great time here!


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Which subject brings out the inner-child of you?

by @Fristo September 4th
8 hours ago

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Community Guidelines

1. Make sure your posts and threads are supportive and respectful.

2. Do not share links to essay writing websites or similar websites. A moderator has the discretion to edit your post if they feel it promotes cheating.

3. While utilizing the homework help section, be mindful of rule 2 and try to create sample problems to make sure our peers learn.

4. Please double check that what you want to say hasn’t already been posted and that you’re posting in the right category. If you're unsure you can google "7cups forums" and whatever you want to talk about.

5. Do include a “Trigger Warning” if your post might be potentially triggering to other students and workers.

6. As a suggestion, it can help if in your thread title when seeking support on here, you mention what grade or year you are in.

7. Religious topics are allowed as long as they are of the following conditions:

   1) how school impacts your beliefs

   2) how beliefs impact your school and education 

   3) how belief impacts on your view of your career choice and work life

Most of all have fun and get to know us all! We are a big family!

Community Resources

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Self Help Guides

Self-help Guide on College Life

Self-help Guide on Bullying

Self-help Guide on Test Anxiety

Online Learning Platforms:

1. Khan Academy

2. Coursera | Online Courses from Top Universities

3. Open Culture Online Courses

4. Alison (mainly in business, technology, and health, and language learning courses)

Some extra resources to help you:

Time Management & Procrasination 

Motivation Tips

Work Strategies and even more

How to put 7cups in your resume

Study Strategies and even more


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