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What happens during therapy at 7 Cups Online Therapy? Read the thread by the therapist, Lisa !

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The 7 Cups Therapy Subcom intends to be a resource for everyone in the community. Our resource page is here and you can sign-up for online therapy here

This sub-community is grateful for the help of @LisaMeighanMBPsS (Director of Clinical Operations at 7 Cups), amiablePeace77 (Community Mentor) and  @Soulsings (Ambassador supporting the 7 Cups therapy sub-community), and to provide information on 7 Cups therapy, Therapist AMAs and discussions involving therapy. 

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What happens in online therapy at 7 Cups ? Read Lisa the therapist's explanation.

Looking for a Therapist? link to browse for a 7 Cups Online Therapist - Put in location to get issue information therapist covers

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