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People spend one-third of their lives at work, some even more with multiple jobs or long overtime hours. Your job should be a place that makes you happy and fulfilled. Choosing a career, making changes or dealing with work stress or a toxic work environment can be overwhelming. Whether you’re needing help choosing a career, changing jobs or professions, or re-entering the workforce after many years, we offer online career counseling for challenges exactly like these.

Changing jobs

Leaving a job for a new one can be stressful and scary, even if the job you’re going to next seems like a better opportunity. It’s difficult to leave a job or people you’ve seen every day, often for many years. As creatures of habit, it can be difficult for people to make such a change. Talking through the decision to change jobs with someone can help solidify your decision, or perhaps make you realize that staying at your current job is a better choice.

Changing career paths

Oftentimes, we enter a field and realize that maybe it just isn’t fulfilling or the right fit for you. No matter what profession you are currently pursuing, making a career change can be very difficult. But, at 7 Cups, we are here to provide you with guidance along the way. Speaking to a neutral third party can help you consider every angle and make you feel better about the path you’re taking.

Workplace issues

Of course, changing jobs isn’t the only challenge people face during their careers. You may have stress at your workplace due to a toxic work environment, or even boredom. Sometimes you need someone to listen and advise you on how to deal with the headache of working too many hours or offer ways to handle a difficult boss. In more serious situations, like harassment or abuse, talking to someone becomes essential. There are plenty of things that can happen in the workplace that warrant contacting the therapists at 7 Cups.

Online career counseling with 7 Cups

No workplace issue or stressor is too big or small for our therapists. If you or someone you know is having trouble dealing with any aspect of a career, we’re ready to lend a friendly ear and help you decide the next step.

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“I've been working with him for less than a week, but so far it's been great. I've had therapy in the past, but it feels as if for the very first time I am really understood. His feedbacks and questions are very valuable to me. It may be that for the very first time I'm just "ready" to listen, but I think he has also found the right words. Thank you. ”

Received: February 15th
Therapist: @RichJonesMAPGDip

“I felt like his words meant a lot more to me in the first response than a lot of responses I've received from other live therapists. I wasn't planning on keeping my subscription long term, but he had me convinced immediately that he genuinely cared about helping me.”

Received: February 15th
Therapist: @RichJonesMAPGDip

“ Jill has been very thorough, understanding and considerate. I look forward to working with her through this process. ”

Received: February 14th
Therapist: @JillKapilPsyD