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Recent Reviews

“She is a great therapist and I am glad to be working with her on 7 Cups!”

Received: September 18th
Therapist: @MelissaHummeltLMHC

“I found him to be very empathetic and experienced. ”

Received: September 18th
Therapist: @AdamBrownPhDLCSW

“I was more or less forced into therapy by a family member. I needed help with something so personal and private that I didn't want to talk to anybody about it. But Polly has such an ease about our chats that I was pouring my every private thought and experience to her that I could not talk to anyone else about and she has picked me up and guided me to making behavior choices for myself that will make me healthy and happy. A lot of our chats make me cry because she makes such a connection to my inner self. Thank you Polly, Shelly”

Received: September 16th
Therapist: @PollyLetschLCSW