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*On a bit of a personal leave*
Leave me a note if it's really urgent.

Past and Current Obsessions:

1. youtu.be/r_9Kf0D5BTs

2. youtu.be/plfbQG0xhpQ

3. http://youtu.be/GlOQnsVOa2o

4. http://youtu.be/CAMWdvo71ls

5. https://youtu.be/Iq3_phBQA_Y



6. http://vevo.ly/QbOeYx



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Hello my dearest friends, I feel I can bring best out of you if you allow me to connect with your heart and soothe you and be that angel that will reignite your heart and show you the glimpse of what you truly are. :)

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Hi everyone! My name is Sara. I enjoy talking and listening. I have been through a lot myself, and I think that's what makes me so compassionate. I love knowing that I can help others by giving my own advice or just being a shoulder to cry on. I would love to listen! Relationship problems, depression/anxiety, or just upset about something.. I am here for you. 


*P.S. I do not accept sexual chats so please do not waste my time, you will get blocked.

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I'm with you!

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hi .

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Si bien soy de profesión psicólogo, odio cobrar por hacer lo que hago por vocación. Así que aquí estoy.

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I am here to listen you :)

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i'm here to help you feel free to share

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 Glad that you could find me here on 7 cups, I would be glad to listen to your problems, and i will try my best to understand how you feel


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Hi I am glad to join this page I hope I can help people in finding solution for your problem




































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Hi there, I'm Vanillaa. I suffer from BPD, PTSD, autism, and possible DID. I'm willing to help or hear out anyone who needs it. I'm all ears!

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I am a Travel enthusiast. I am here to listen to you. You can share anything with me without any hesitation.






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Hello, my name is Tyler. I love to help people. If you need to talk I'm here. I've been through a lot so I'm sure I can help.

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I can solve almost any problems of yours. give it a try :)

I am  a musician. I play guitar and i have my own music institute. I basically teach guitar you can check out my website


this is my soundcloud you can hear some of my songs....i played



or join my page on facebook :)



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Hello there! 

I have gone through many struggles in my life and am, "broken, but still good" as Stitch would say. I like to bake, read (I am currently stuck in the 19th century), watch movies, play scrabble and talk about everything under the sun. If you have any struggles you are currently dealing with or just want to say hi don't hesitate to message me! 

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Hi, I am Haley! I'm 17 years old and have anxiety, ADHD and bipolar disorder! I can talk about anything, really.(◡‿◡✿   )

I am a part time job and I go to school, so I'm sorry if I dont reply much! I try my best <3 

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Hello! I would love to help you work through any problems you may be facing. Everyone has difficult times and I would love to help you through yours

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Im an intellectual kind of listener, I am intrigued by our human condition and listening/reading about your big and small struggles gives me a better understanding of myself and others. Whatever you have to share is valuable to me. Hope to see you around.

Im into video games, philosophy, politics and general culture.

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I'm a trained active listener, I like to help people out with any sort of problem, I enjoy things like sports, cooking, video games and pretty much anything. I do have some problems of my own, have been through a lot.

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