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7 Cups- Boundaries and Setting Expectations (part 4)

Creator: @MidnightRaven999

Here are a few examples of some scenarios that may occur for you, and how to deal with them.

You are getting a lot of personal requests, and you are already in a chat, what can you do?

You can use your status button to change your status to 'offline' or 'busy' so that you will not get as many chat requests. After that, you can fully focus on the one chat you are in, and then when that chat is complete, if you feel like you want to take more, you can toggle your status back to 'online'. 

You notice the general request list is extremely high, and you feel like you need to take one, even if you are not feeling like you are ready to commit to a chat.

Remember self-care! There are plenty of listeners active on the site 24/7, you do not need to take a chat if you are not up for it. If you do not have enough time, if you are already busy, or if you just feel like you are not in a good emotional place to take a chat, you shouldn't feel pressured (by yourself, or anyone else) to take one! 

I am feeling really overwhelmed with my roles!

It is always ok to take a step back from any roles you have, or ask to go on self-care! Communicating with your team leaders about your own needs is important; your own wellbeing always comes first, and if that means stepping down or taking a break from some of your roles, thats perfectly fine!