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7 Cups- Boundaries and Setting Expectations (part 1)

Creator: @MidnightRaven999

What is a boundary?

A boundary is a limit, something that you set up for yourself as an expectation. For example, some common boundaries I encourage my mentees to set would be: a time limit for your chats, certain days of the week that you do not take chats or respond to member messages, and only taking a certain amount of chats in one day. We will disscuss these boundaries more in the next step!

What are some boundaries we see that are set by 7 Cups?

When we talk about boundaries set by the site, we are referring to the site rules, TOS, and Privacy Policy. These rules are set in place to keep you and everyone else using the site safe! These boundaries (rules) include: 

The suicide policy: we must refer everyone who is suicidal, even if they are just having thoughts and feelings, to a crisis hotline. We have this rule because we do not have the resources and training to help people in suicidal situations, and the hotline will have those resources necessary to help out. 

Age limits: for 7 Cups, you must be at least 13 to sign up as a teen member, and 15 to sign up as a teen listener. You also must be at least 18 to sign up as an adult member or listener.

Offsite Contact: On 7 Cups, we are not allowed to share any form of offsite contact like social media handles, the school you go to, your real name, address, etc. This is to keep you safe, and to make sure that boundaries are maintained (its hard to maintain boundaries with a member once you are off the site!)

Please go here if you would like to learn more! We will be continuing this lesson in the next step!