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Introduction to Moving Forward with Self-Forgiveness

Creator: @SoulfullyAButterfly


This growth path is designed to equip people to forgive themselves for doing an interpersonal offense that they regret, using a six-step process that has been scientifically studied. The skills and method later can later be generalized to promote self-forgiveness.

Do you find it hard to practice emotional self-forgiveness? This may be evident through varying degrees of self-blame or condemnation. 

Note: It is recommended that you complete this growth path within a week or two for maximum benefit. 

* In this context, an interpersonal offense refers to knowing that we have hurt someone we know - individuals who experience self-condemnation and self-blame associated with specific interpersonal offenses can also benefit from this growth path.


Not sure about this phrase: doing an interpersonal offense - I think some people may not understand this. Maybe doing something that you feel may have hurt someone else emotionally, or perhaps define it slightly, i.e., did or said something that you later regretted?