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Step 8C: Make Your Own Slip Card

Creator: @SoulfullyAButterfly

One of the best ways to prepare for future slips is to create a slip card, a pocket-sized cheat sheet designed to help you overcome slips the moment they occur. And you have already done the work for one: Your slip analysis forms the basis for a shorter and punchier slip card, which can be conveniently carried in your wallet. Record the dos and a couple of don'ts.

Here, as an example, is Andrew’s slip card.


Open up a note on your phone or computer or send yourself an email with a blank slip plan for you to complete. 

Make it shorter than Andrew’s; a few do’s and don’ts from your longer list. Reference it on your phone through the next few weeks. Consider sharing it with your friends, family, and change team. You can also go online ( to personalize it, and print it out with your name on it.

In the box below, create a short Slip Card for yourself by listing the Do's and Don'ts separately.