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What is De-escalation?

Creator: @ASilentObserver

70% of the communication misunderstood. 

Effective communication is defined as passing information between one person and another that is mutually understood. But, when communication misunderstood. It leads to escalations. 

Escalation is an intense increase in the magnitude or impact of a situation. The situation could take place anywhere.

For example: In a Group Support Chatrooms setting, this happens frequently as members may be triggered, upset, angry, and may act in an affected way. Members might be in conflict which can increase in its magnitude and affect the entire room.

As users who are focused on building community in the rooms and keeping the rooms a safe and supportive space, we want to avoid those types of situations. We also want to prevent the escalation of a situation from happening in the first place.

When we see a heated situation, or a situation which we want to prevent (for example a conflict building up), we try to de-escalate and calm the situation down to prevent it from either continuing or increasing, in order to enable the room to return to a supportive, inclusive and welcoming environment.

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