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When to call for help

Creator: @ASilentObserver

When to call for help

For Example, in the group support setting

As listeners, there are things we can do to try and redirect a conversation and de-escalate a situation. However, it is important to remember that we are not moderators and some situations call for that.

When reading a situation there are a few questions we can ask ourselves in order to figure out if it is time to call a moderator or if the situation can be cooled down:

  • Have my attempts to de-escalate the conversation been unsuccessful?
  • Is someone being abusive?
  • Does the room feel unsafe?
  • Is a user underage or actively suicidal?

If we answer yes to these questions then it is probably time that we call on a moderator to support us. We can do this by using the emergency mod form listed in the chatroom rules at the bottom of the chat window. There are sometimes also people in LSR / TL who are mods and can help, so a polite message in the Listener Support Room, asking for a mod "please" is appropriate. 

Similarly, in any other situation, it is always "OKAY" to ask for more help from those who could help you de-escalate the situation or take necessary steps to handle the situation better. 

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