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Working as a Team

Creator: @ASilentObserver

As a team, we need to be working together!

For example, Successful Group Support is a collaboration between listeners, moderators, room supporters, and members. It is important that we show that in the rooms. If we feel a moderator or moderators as a whole have taken action (present or past) that we do not agree with it is important that we do not voice this in the room.

Decisions mods have to make are difficult and are sometimes met with frustration by members. It can be very easy to voice our opinions and jump in on this to make the member feel validated or heard. While trying to avoid giving off the impression that we are on the “listeners’ side” to members, it may also feel tempting to join them in complaining about a moderators' actions or moderators on the site in general. However, this is not professional and divides us as a team.

We can PM the moderator and speak to them about a situation using our conflict resolution skills. We can also use the mod review form that is located in the chatroom rules at the bottom of the chat window or alternatively provide feedback to the Support Team Leader if conversing with the mod has not helped to bring clarity and understanding.

We can also encourage members to do the same. This is how we as a team can stand together and be productive and efficient.


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