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I can’t seem to ever concentrate. My friend says Adderall helps him concentrate. How do I find out if it’s a good option for me?

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Last Updated: 11/03/2021 at 6:05pm
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February 21st, 2016 5:29pm
Your psychiatrist will decide whether or not Adderall is appropriate for your diagnosis. Do not fabricate anything you tell your psychiatrist in order to seek a specific drug. You can suggest that you want to try Adderall for an attention problem if the psychiatrist believes you have one and they may acquiesce your request (I sometimes suggest medicines to my doctor when dealing with my illness that we try in our plan). But you specifically fabricating something in order to get Adderall is the behaviour of an addict or drug user and will certainly result in the psychiatrist finding out and making sure Adderall is something to be avoided in your treatment.
February 24th, 2016 6:59am
If your chief goal is to simply obtain adderall than this isn't the site to be asking that on. But if you go to your doctor and explain what issues you are having, then I'm sure they will prescribe something that is right for you and your needs.
June 17th, 2016 5:11am
First of all, the psychiatrist is learned enough to prescribe you a medicine. It would be advisable that you tell him / her the symptoms rather than the medicine. You cannot decide for yourself what dosage you need. Refrain from drug abuse.
June 23rd, 2016 11:59pm
I would just be honest about everything you're going through. A psychiatrist will be able to tell if you need that kind of medication.
July 9th, 2016 3:56pm
My best advice is that if you have a prescription just ask for a refill. If not, tell your therapist the god's honest truth and let things take their course. maybe Adderall isn't for you.
July 15th, 2016 6:59pm
You shouldn't tell your psychiatrist what medicine to give you, they know best. Just describe how you feel, your moods, your sleep cycles etc and they will give you what suits your situation the best.
July 29th, 2016 4:15pm
Consulting a doctor, or your provider, is a good place to start. What may work for one person medication wise, might not be the same for you personally, so going off of their judgement alone might be a set back. Medications can take time to balance to understand what is right or is not, for you.
September 5th, 2016 7:28pm
Talking to a doctor can definitely help to narrow down what's best for you.
September 19th, 2016 10:22pm
your doctor or even school guidance counselor they have you take a test to determine if that'll help
October 26th, 2016 10:41pm
You talk to your doctor and he/she will give you a better answer than I can. Your friend shouldn't be the one you go to for serious matters such as prescription medications.
November 11th, 2016 6:03pm
Talk to your doctor or a psychiatrist (or both). They will tell you if they think you need it and how much you may need. It might be that you need a different ADD/ADHD medication, or another method of helping you concentrate.
November 18th, 2016 8:14pm
First of all, have you been diagnosed with ADD by a medical professional? If not, you might want to consider contacting your doctor. If you have ADD, your doctor will help you find the best solution for you.
November 27th, 2016 12:51am
You shouldn't use Adderall unless prescribed by a doctor. If you are concerned about your ability to concentrate, please contact a doctor or therapist.
December 10th, 2016 8:22am
Talk to a psychiatric professional. Attention disorders can cause a huge host of other problems which you may find shocking. Everything from mood swings to weight gain to to depression and mania can come from these kinds of disorders. You owe it to yourself to assess your mental health with the help of a professional.
December 17th, 2016 7:18pm
I would talk to your parents about your troubles with focus, and suggest getting tested. The school should bring in a person that'll test you and see how you focus and understand things. Then when you get the results back, depending on what they are, go to your doctor and explain things. See if you need Aderall or not.
January 2nd, 2017 3:18am
Well, the best way is to talk to your prescriber! Medication is a tricky thing, it's not for everyone, and for many it's not a best first-line option. So your prescriber may have you try other things to help you concentrate first. There are many guides that can help you learn to focus more, but it takes a LOT of hard work. AND, even if your prescriber is willing to write you an Rx, it might not be Adderall first, and that's okay! It's not always a first option drug..
January 27th, 2017 2:24pm
I suggest seeing a medical professional and raising these concerns of yours with them, they will be able to advise you on the next steps to take and whether you would benefit from any medications.
February 4th, 2017 7:45am
You should never take medication on your own. The best way to determine any type of help is talking to your doctor. Having problems with concentration is not always due to ADHD where Adderall or Ritalin can help. Sometimes anxiety can cause concentration problems. Always talk to a doctor before doing anything whether its starting medication or getting off of them.
March 4th, 2017 10:44pm
There are many exercises and foods that you can eat in order to improve focus, you can an abundance of information about this online. However, if these natural solutions do not help, I would suggest seeing a psychiatrist and they will be able to accurately assess your needs. Good luck!
March 16th, 2017 7:59am
I would honestly go to a psychiatrist and ask. Make sure they do a "exam" to see what suits you! Because adderall isn't for everyone
April 5th, 2017 4:59pm
I would see a doctor about Adderall and see if it could work for you. Everyone is different and you might be able to find something less cost effective and not 'drug / prescription related' to help you concentrate. But defiantly talk to someone about it, don't try it without a doctor or legal guardian's say.
June 1st, 2017 12:47am
medication can always be an option that helps a lot with concentration but seeing a specialist can give you the advise or options that you may need. personally I have been off medication for a few years now but am starting up again in my next year at university, I feel I will get the most out of it while still in education but there are different severity's and they can depend on your environment.
July 15th, 2017 10:38pm
I recommend talking to your doctor. Adderall is a prescription drug and should be recommended by a doctor first.
September 13th, 2017 4:56pm
Adderall is a prescribed stimulant medication. Consulting a professional is a great way to find out if Adderall, Vyvanse, or a different stimulant medication would be helpful.
September 14th, 2017 2:23am
Consult your prescribing physician. Some PCP's will write you a prescription for it, but some may refer you to a psychiatrist. Out of all the stimulants used to treat ADHD, Adderall is one of the more effective one for many people.
September 21st, 2017 10:27pm
Medications that are stimulants such as Adderall and Vyvanse are things that work for some people, But not everyone. If you feel that these types of medications are something you'd want to try and might be worth it to you, Consult with your family doctor or physician about these. They are professionals and will know what's best for you and will help you find a medication that works best for you.
October 21st, 2017 7:53pm
Talk to your doctor. Youd need a diagnosis of sorts before you were allowed to have a medication like that. Many things can cause an impairment in concentration, not just ADD/ADHD. Your doctor can help you figure out whats causing you problems and set you up with a good medication, if thats what you want.
November 12th, 2017 8:01pm
Speak to your doctor or therapist. They are the experts and only a doctor can write a prescription.
January 7th, 2018 7:55am
I have taken adderall before and I have adhd. I think you should seek medical help before taking a medicine that your friend tells you to take. It's because adderall might work for your friend but not you. In my experience with worked for school...but it made me less social and gave me terrible mood swings after it timed out. You look at other medication too.
February 2nd, 2018 4:07pm
try binaural beats for ADHD .. works for me.. use stereo headphones only.. and try to do quiet jobs like study or sleeping while listening to it.... u can play an instrumental music in back but without vocals..... and dont overdo it