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My parents won't listen to me, but I think I have adhd and depression. They just say " oh it's just brain development" or make an excuse for it. The school counselor is not an option. I need help?

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Last Updated: 08/16/2021 at 2:41am
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Tracy-Kate Teleke, M.A., LMFT

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I assist adults and couples in CA experiencing relationship challenges and interpersonal struggles including anxiety, depression, and a myriad of other life challenges.

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April 20th, 2020 6:39pm
don't back down! make yourself heard. get tested for those things. make sure your parents know your concerned or act concerned you just need to make sure they take you seriously. you can't let them say it's just nothing. if you have to tell them their neglecting you. any thing so you can find some sort of treatment or proof that you do or do not have these things. anything to get tested. you can't let your parents control this sort of thing. thats all I have to say I hope it helps. It's important to pay attention to these things.
August 11th, 2020 3:14pm
That sounds like it must be really frustrating. I think it's amazing that you've reached out to 7 Cups today and I'm here to listen and provide support. There are lots of resources available to help you feel better. Sometimes reaching out for help can feel overwhelming, but I'm here to work through your feelings with you. Is there anything you've found that helps you feel better so far? Things like sports, music, or writing can be great tools to help cope until you can find more concrete resources to get the support you need. What outlets help you feel better in the moment?
August 16th, 2021 2:41am
I'm so sorry you haven't been given the help you need to get a diagnosis for ADHD and depression. I'm not in your shoes and I'm unsure what could work. One way to start would be doing some research. Show your parents more proof that it can't just be a brain development thing. The ADDitude magazine is a great resource for ADHD symptoms. And 7 cups has plenty of resources to back you up, too. If your parents aren't an option and the school counselor isn't an option, is there any other adult person you could turn to in your life that could help you? It could be another family member, a teacher, or even a friend's parent. I wish you luck on finding the help you need!