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How do I stop worrying if people are looking at me?

12 Answers
Last Updated: 03/30/2020 at 3:38pm
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May 11th, 2015 12:12am
It's quite common to feel self conscious when someone is looking at you, although an astute quotation about insecurity is often attributed to the novelist and teacher David Foster Wallace: 'You’ll worry less about what people think about you when you realize how seldom they do.' It's not meant to make you feel less significant in any way, but when you're walking through a shopping centre for instance, you might glance at 100 people. How many of them do you think about for longer than that moment? For longer than a few seconds? It's the same when someone looks at you, they've most likely forgotten your face and you altogether a few seconds after they look at you, so there no need to worry or feel insecure. :)
November 12th, 2015 8:21am
People will always look at you. Take it as a good thing there is something special about you that they are looking at. Be proud of that.
June 21st, 2016 3:48am
A good method I enjoy using is to think "No one gives a damn I'm here" because using this when becoming anxious in public, people are there for them and not you. They might even be looking at you to acknowledge your existence and the fact you exist in that spot. For example, you go to the store to buy things and everyone else around you is irrelevant or in the background. This is the same for everyone else!
March 3rd, 2015 3:07am
First off, not everyone is looking at you. Perhaps you're just thinking that everyone is looking at you, but you have no definite way of reading their minds. Also consider that everyone has their own ego and maybe they're too busy thinking the same thing - that everyone's looking and thinking about them - instead of you. As humans, we have no way to read someone else's mind. Even if we play devil's advocate and they are thinking about you - it's probably only for a miniscule second and then they go on with their lives. Also be mindful that to constantly worry what others are thinking about you is to assume that everyone is always thinking about you. That's not always possible, people can think about anything and everything. Whenever you feel like someone is judging you, just remember how quickly your mind reacts and processes information and how long you stay on a subject. Don't worry. It's just not worth your time to fret about things you cannot prove.
June 30th, 2015 5:33pm
Have confidence in yourself. Your opinion about yourself is the only one that matters, not others opinions about you. Especially people who don't even know you.
June 1st, 2015 5:28pm
It is more than natural for people to look at you, it's often done because of curiosity or because you are in their line of sight. By understanding that people look not to judge you, but just to look at you - hopefully this will help you stop worrying.
April 7th, 2015 8:26pm
When you're out and about look around at other people. You might catch the eyes of a few of them but take it in your stride. Ask yourself why you're worried people are looking at you. Take a moment to realize that you don't look at everyone and think about how you think of complete strangers (if you even bother to take note of what they're doing). It's nothing that bad, right? All you want to do is get on with whatever task you're trying to complete or get from point A to B with as little difficulty as possible. Whatever that person was wearing won't matter in 20 seconds time, what that other person was doing was just a background thing to your day that you won't remember by the time you go to bed that night. When you realize that they have similar thoughts to you and just want to get on with their day you'll start to feel more relaxed about it.
December 29th, 2015 11:03am
The answer to the question is simple: People tend to look at us when we excel in what we do and when we take initiative to be different. Make use of this opportunity to boost the efficiency level of the work which is being done cause these times of weakness are our source of strength,and continue and enjoy what you do. To stop worries remember the slogan "Do what you love and love what you do"
July 31st, 2018 6:02am
this is a self issue with the insecurities you have with yourself, you cant get over your insecurities but you'll learn to accept them and you'll see a change
February 12th, 2019 12:21am
I know that for me to stop worrying if people are looking at me I think what if it is all good things they are looking at me for. I try to think of the positives that makes it so that I change the fear of worry to positive. I try to create a new mindset that being said it helps me to stop worrying. I keep things in perspective, question my thinking of being worried and tell myself stop and breathe. There is no point in worrying they could just be looking at something above me. I just try to turn the worry into a positive thought
July 12th, 2016 11:56am
Just think that you're exactly like them and you have nothing to lose. You're not different or anormal,
March 30th, 2020 3:38pm
This is something I used to experience all the time, especially as a younger person It took a really long time but after socializing more and coming to realize my feelings are coming from inside me, I learned to smile at people when they were looking at me. 95 per cent of the time people smile back and then I 'm not worried about it anymore write down your fears about why you think someone might be looking at you and decide if there is any reality to it Most of the time when we think people are looking at us they are just looking but deep in thought about something else As you get older you will realize that people see us through their own filters and hardly ever in the way that we are worried about People mostly are thinking about themselves anyway