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How do you tell if you have anxiety? I don't wanna see a professional right now. But when I have to go out where there's people I often get a pit in my stomach, my heart goes all fluttery, and i feel sick. Is this some sort on anxiety?

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Last Updated: 12/07/2021 at 8:24pm
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December 24th, 2018 11:39am
Anxiety can be hard to identify when you down know the signs and symptoms. However, please note that anxiety can only be truly identified by a professional. To me, it sounds like social anxiety. I believe it is anxiety because there is a difference between being anxious around people versus having anxiety. When you are anxious you tend to be a little shaky, dry-mouthed, fidgety, and sweaty. On the other hand, when you have anxiety, it can be accompanied by panic attacks and sickness. Social anxiety is when you experience deep emotional distress when interacting or being among others, which is different than the normal feeling of slight distress. It could potentially be this, however, again, it's best to see a professional. I hope that this possibility answers your question and helps though. If these feelings are re-occurring, you should see someone because over time they may get worse. If it may be some time before you can go see a professional, try giving the 7Cups' help guides a read below. Source: Help guides:
December 28th, 2018 12:19am
Anxiety is different for different people. However, with anxiety your thoughts can present themselves in the physical (heart palpitations, sick feeling in your stomach). I think you have identified what you think the issue is. I would be curious as to why you would not like to see a professional about it. Do you feel as though its is not that serious? Sometimes when we get those sensations -- it's called social anxiety. Learning to challenge ones beliefs about a perceived negative experience when someone is around people is helpful to combat social anxiety.
June 25th, 2019 3:45pm
From personal experience and medical background, anxiety can cause multiple physical symptoms. At times it is as if your body goes into 'flight or fight' you can get heart palpitations as you start to panic and adrenaline starts to kick in. Nausea can be common as well. It is a good idea to look at the triggers of these feelings as you have said being out around people. What is it about being around people that is causing this? Have you had any experiences in the past to cause these feelings, sometimes it just happens. It does sound like you are experiencing some form of anxiety or social anxiety.
December 7th, 2021 8:24pm
yes, what you've just described is social anxiety. Does the mere thought of being around other people, make your sweat and your hands feel clammy? do you start feeling both hot and cold, making you feel as if you are about to faint? If you do have any of these symptoms or similar ones, then it's likely that you've got social anxiety. Briefly said, social anxiety is the fear specifically linked to being in social settings of any kind. Certain self-help methods used to deal with social anxiety include: telling people about your anxiety so that they're aware of it, which might make you feel less anxious. Reducing your negative thoughts and deep breathing. Practicing/memorizing conversation topics before engaging in social interaction, may help as well.