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How to stop comparing myself to others?

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Last Updated: 09/09/2021 at 9:31am
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March 2nd, 2021 9:07pm
Nowadays, it is really hard not to compare ourselves to others, especially when social media presents a great aspect in our lives. Comparison of body, success, clothes, personality, any materialistic matter could unfortunately lead to believing that you yourself aren't enough. That's why it's totally unhealthy. Comparisons steal our joy, sanity and even our paychecks. It's a paradox that an end needs to be put to it, as it is just a continuous circle of a repeated game that we will never win. Here are some tips that as far as I know by knowledge could really help: 1. Practice gratitude. It could talk some time to accustom yourself with this trait but it really makes a difference, when every day like you write down small or big things that you are grateful for to be in your life and how much you are blessed with it even the simplest things. 2. The power of contentment: gratitude leads to contentment, which could put you in a state of joy and satisfaction about what you have in your life, no matter how the circumstances you are in are. That doesn't mean that you don't have future goals, or you aren't looking forward to be a better person. It simply means that you are establishing peace on what you have now without making all your happiness based on what you want to achieve tomorrow. 3. Stop comparing yourself to others. Most of people's life that we see on social media aren't the complete picture of their life, they are just focusing on a certain highlight, which means what you see on social media usually doesn't reflect reality. Once you take your focus off their life, you could do magic in your own life. 4. Acknowledge your strengths: Try to recognize your skills and talents that you are gifted with, and that doesn't make you a narcissist or someone who is so full of themselves no, you could be humble and still do that and improve them. Well, that's all that I could come up with. Wish you all luck!
July 31st, 2018 9:43pm
Try writing love letters to your self. Everyday, write down one thing that you think makes you unique. For example, "Dear Ana, You are an amazing person. You are kind and you care about others and I love that about you. Love, Ana" The best way to stop comparing yourself to others is to see yourself as an individual.
April 3rd, 2018 7:50am
Try my method. Stop comparing. Start complimenting. This is double the happiness. They receive a compliment, and you get to express aloud what you once were comparing. It helps to open up, and say something.
August 13th, 2018 4:36am
I sometimes take time alone so I can take care of myself more. I contemplate about everything I've done and constantly remind myself that myself is unique and also my journey. I compliment myself for everything that I've done or accomplished even if it's little. Everybody is different and they have their own struggle. Someone you compared to yourself, they struggle too. Your journey is unique and you are the right person to that, only you can bear your struggle and that makes you GREAT and INVINCIBLE.
May 5th, 2020 2:58pm
Trying to stop a behavior like comparing yourself to others can be difficult, but it is possible! I would recommend taking a moment when those thoughts of comparison come in to address them. Instead of allowing them to flow through your head, maybe think or list some things you love about yourself, or that make you unique and YOU. Perhaps you really love your freckles, or your smile, or maybe it's the way you can whistle or sing. I have a note in my phone that is a list of positive affirmations I've written myself to stop negative thoughts. Maybe try creating a list like that! You are a unique and wonderful individual as yourself.
September 9th, 2021 9:31am
Comparing others to yourself is very difficult especially with social media. There are numerous ways you can start trying to stop yourself from comparing yourself to others. Quitting most social media is one of the ways you can help yourself since looking at people who are seeming to be successful does hurt the image of yourself. On Instagram, people modify and use filters and other means to make themselves look good for likes, you shouldn't compare yourself to a fairytale or an advertisement of sponsorship a person is doing. Finding your own value in yourself. You should start looking at yourself from a positive point of view. What are your good characteristics? What are your skills, and how can you help others? Helping others is a good way to build not only your self-esteem but also helps others. Another way you can look at yourself is if you were in a game or a movie. What if you were the main character, what would you do? Wouldn't you root for the main character to succeed and love themselves for who they are? There are more examples that you can find online, and I do hope you will find a way to love yourself for who you are and not care about others.