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I always worry about my health and my family's health. If a member of my family has to go for tests I always imagine the worst scenario and kind of start to believe it and start checking web?

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Last Updated: 04/13/2021 at 5:06am
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September 24th, 2018 2:56pm
it sounds like you're experiencing anxiety, especially in the case of your and your close ones' health. this can be difficult to undergo, especially if you experience this on your own. the cause for this might be any previous medical traumas you or those close to you have experienced. however, this sort of apprehension if quite common in regard to health and its related conditions, due to the large number of tragedies caused by it. all you should do at such moments is try and keep in mind how these fears are baseless and that they will only harm your own health. talking to someone loving in your life or of the 7 cups community will surely help too.
April 13th, 2021 5:06am
It's totally fine... We know we can't control ourselves, even our thoughts which are automatic. Freud coined that Worry and anxiety are part of our instinct, means we secure ourselves of the impending danger. reading from Psychology textbook, Imagining the worst scenario happened we want the reality will be equal or less because we're already preparing for the worst. you name it. you will shoot with, "there, i know it" you might feel relieved when it doesn't come true. But, the remaining anxiety still lingering inside you. the mental image of "future-worst scenario" still saved inside. If that happens, It's good you're checking website. BUT, it's not the arguments you will use for your anxiety. instead, ask more "is it true? if true, i should seek for professional help". You seek the answers with worst scenario, and let others answer it with other possibilities. Uncertain future lies ahead, but we can overcome this together. Hope you stay safe!