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I am completely afraid about the future!!!! How can come out from it?

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Last Updated: 05/31/2019 at 3:59pm
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Jamitia Wilson, MS, LAC

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I believe that true healing occurs when one is able to honestly express how one feels about himself/herself and the world. I would be honored to support your healing change.

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May 31st, 2019 3:59pm
Being afraid about the future does sound like it could be quite overwhelming and daunting. Those feelings are completely natural when we want to achieve something big. I guess it really depends on what it is about the future that scares you and where that anxiety comes from. Often it can be helpful in finding the root causes to figure out how to best overcome it, but by recognizing the problem you are taking a great step forward. Some people find they can figure this out on their own with their own introspection, others find it helpful to discuss with a friend, a listener or even therapist. And there is nothing wrong with going to therapy to help you figure this out, if that's what you need. A majority of people could probably benefit from therapy at some point. Often a support and sometimes an accountability system can be helpful, especially after one has identified the contributors tho the challenge, and manageable steps to take. The future is uncertain and that can be challenging to deal with it for normal people, the concern is when it impacts the other areas of your life and prevent you from doing things you want. It may or may not be completely gone, likely will be an ongoing challenge, but by breaking it down, seeking support, getting the resources you need, making it more manageable is definitely possible.