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What are some ways you deal with anxiety?

67 Answers
Last Updated: 07/06/2020 at 8:43am
What are some ways you deal with anxiety?
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September 11th, 2017 12:35pm
for me, anxiety is something that makes me react when I probably should just listen/think/process the things that are triggering me. One thing I learned by myself is to just wait for a couple of minutes before saying something or reacting defensive. And once I have regained my calm and peace of mind, I try to analyse what caused my reaction and better understand it if possible. Staying present in the moment always helps. Also yoga does that too.
December 4th, 2017 9:35pm
Breathing techniques, exposure to what I am anxious about, even though it may seem scary, building tolerance to irrational anxiety and essentially de-sensitizing your fight and flight is the best possible way in my own personal opinion.
February 5th, 2018 6:32pm
I listen to music or watch tv to get my mind off of what is bothering me if that don't work I try to write my thoughts down and go from there
May 7th, 2018 4:21am
I first take a deep breath and count form 1 to 10 then think about that one moment I was so happy it hurt my ribs
August 7th, 2018 11:01am
Listening to music reading or watching a film. Also breathing exercises. I also talk to someone aswell which really helps.
October 15th, 2019 12:36am
I have a lot of different coping mechanisms I use for dealing with my anxiety. I have learned them over the years through many training sessions and also classes and therapy and counseling. Some things I do are deep breathing, walking my dog or just petting him, talking to someone, visualization techniques, yoga poses, singing on the top of my lungs, and sometimes I just scream if I am in a safe place to do so. Anxiety is different for everyone and not every solution works the same on everyone. So, If you are suffering from anxiety and one thing doesn't work for you, try something else because that might be the key that will work and help you in an anxiety attack.
July 6th, 2020 8:43am
I rewatch my favorite movie series or read the books. When I feel like I need to escape my everyday space, I sit in my backyard while my dog does laps around my garden. When I'm too anxious to even think, I rest my forehead against a cool window and focus on the pull of my lungs as I inhale and the push as I exhale. Finding and feeling the thump of my pulse is very grounding and can distract me from the reason I am experiencing anxiety. I have an oversized hoodie that I will curl up in when I just need a moment to collect myself.