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What are your personal strategies for coping with the symptoms of your anxiety?

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Last Updated: 10/25/2021 at 11:04am
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November 24th, 2014 12:42pm
When feeling anxious, I try and use music to calm my nerves. I also use an app called Calm. You can check it out by going to . Its a great way for me personally to calm my nerves. :-)
April 12th, 2015 9:09pm
A lot of people have a personal anchor, something that holds them down when they feel anxious. For me, that's holding on to my left wrist with my right hand. Just a simple act like that on it's own can help calm me down that little bit. In more stressful situations, I need to start counting out my breathing and pacing it out to make sure I'm not hyperventilating. If things get out of hand I always find it good to take a 'toilet break' where I take a few minutes to be alone. Sometimes I use this as an opportunity to fully concentrate on my breathing or even give myself a little pep talk. It's always good to take moments to yourself to calm yourself down.
June 12th, 2015 12:02pm
I take long deep breaths, sip water, or go somewhere I can be by myself and relax. If I know that I am going to be involved in a situation that could trigger anxiety, like a family gathering, I tell someone I trust and they support me during that time. If there is no one around I make sure there is a place I can be on my own close by, I will also limit the time I spend there if I can.
June 17th, 2015 6:18pm
Deep breathing. Mindfulness meditation. Taking a walk in nature. Thinking of something calming, like a day at the beach. Reaching out to a friend and focusing on their thoughts and issues for a while can help me to get mine into perspective.
June 23rd, 2015 1:24am
"Rectangle breathing" : Follow the frame of a door slowly with your eyes. Along the long sides, breathe out. Along the short sides, breathe in. This helps me to calm down when I am anxious.
September 29th, 2015 8:53am
i like to distract myself, if i feel anxious, i come on here 7 cups of tea. i chat to people about the way i'm feeling, or i'll go and watch something on the TV or go for a walk. it's all about diverting your brain from it, the more you think about how anxious you feel, the more your going to be anxious. Also try breathing techniques, breathing from the abdomen and not your chest.
October 2nd, 2015 12:23am
Personally, when I am anxious I talk to a friend or my husband. I also write, take walks, and listening to calming music. Bubble baths are nice as well :)
December 1st, 2015 11:35pm
I don't have anxiety myself, but my girlfriend does. I try my best to assure her that everything is alright even if she feels it's not, but I don't push aside how she feels. Things are tough for a lot of people and I know that.
November 21st, 2014 4:34am
I usually try remember that I have to take deep breaths, count, that will help you. In... 1,2,3. Out... 1,2,3. Also, I keep telling myself that I'm overeating, that's only the worse scenario, not the only!
November 21st, 2014 5:30am
I make time in my day to stop for a few minutes and just focus on my breathing. I give myself a quiet moment in the morning with Tea before I begin my day. I use grounding techniques, like the non-judgmental labeling/cataloguing of all the items in a room. I identify and challenge my cognitive distortions. I talk about the anxieties that won't go away, or that get too overwhelming to deal with on my own. I go for walks. I write. I draw. I cook/bake. I pray. I take a shower. I write out the worst thing can happen, the best thing that can happen, and the most likely thing that will happen and then examine my feelings and thoughts futher. I see a counselor sometimes.
November 22nd, 2014 5:28am
Doing something that I enjoy. It gives me confidence that I can do something that calms me down! I find that anxiety is about "over worrying", doing a hobby or activity with friends clears my mind. Music, of course, also is a huge help. Listening to someone else making their experiences into art is always relaxing.
November 23rd, 2014 1:06am
I fill out my Cognitive Diary, speak with friends and 7Cups listeners, do breathing and mindfulness exercises, use sleep meditation tapes, and exercise as often as possible. As far as immediate symptoms, I find that breathing exercise and a teaspoon of Inositol are best for me.
December 1st, 2014 6:51pm
Deep breaths, mostly. It also helps if I can distract myself by doodling or listening to music. Noise cancelling headphones are super helpful!
December 7th, 2014 3:58am
I take deep breathes and listen to calm music. I redirect my anxious thoughts into something positive. I remind myself that I can't let my anxiety control my life; I'm more than my anxiety.
December 17th, 2014 9:17pm
Taking a few deep breaths and really just taking a moment to calm down, try to realise what the Actual problem is (not what I think/feel it is!).
December 21st, 2014 3:58am
Taking a deep breath and remembering nothing is nearly as bad as I think it is. I overthink this a LOT - to the point where I imagine these awful situations in my head that I think will come true. But in the end, things usually aren't as scary or negative as my anxiety makes me think they are.
December 28th, 2014 7:41pm
I use diaphramatic breathing. As a singer this is easier for me, but the strategy is simple; you have to breathe not just with your lungs, but also letting it fill your diaphragm, which is in your abdomen. Taking these breaths helps to calm down.
April 30th, 2015 6:35pm
I make sure to try and not avoid the problems I think are occurring. I talk about them to someone I trust and make sure to take a minute to relax.
May 30th, 2015 7:56pm
I try to remind myself that the majority of the time I have worried about something, the outcome has been more pleasant than I expected!
June 20th, 2015 11:33am
I often challenge anxious thoughts that come to my mind by asking myself if my worries are realistic and are things that make me anxious likely to happen.Also,I try my best to stay connected to my friends and family and try meditation or other calming practices.
June 22nd, 2015 4:52am
In my opinion, I like to sit down and write about things that come to my mind, or how I am feeling. I'd sit down with a nice, hot cup of tea, and think about life and reflect on my actions and what I did. I'd just write till I'm satisfied, until I feel better. I'd text or call someone to chat about my current situation to :) Everything gets better when you talk to a fellow human being. :)
June 23rd, 2015 2:19am
I usually like to breath in and out. Tell myself I am ok. I think of happy thoughts. I do a lot of self-care, so I can distract my mind from any negativity I am causing to myself. I like to set mini goals for myself like going out for a bit or talking to others.
June 29th, 2015 4:39pm
One thing my therapist told me to do is to identify the circle that pops up whenever you're in a stressful situation,It all starts with the thoughts,try to be aware when they start coming and try to ask yourself if it really is realistic,and try to wonder if those things are really going to happen,and if they will,Will the really be such a big deal? This one helped me alot.
July 26th, 2015 2:24pm
I close my eyes and take deep breaths. I also like to look at plants or cuddle my favourite book to reread some lines :)
July 27th, 2015 10:48am
Connecting with a caring friend or family member, and receiving empathic support from those closest to me. Mindful meditation, physical exercise such as yoga and netball.
August 25th, 2015 4:40am
First, go to a therapist or discuss your symptoms with a person who has experienced this before and they might help you, but if they didn't than the best way is to identify the reason of your anxiety, and see if the problem is big or small, I mean that if the problem affects your career or something
September 28th, 2015 4:59pm
Whenever I feel anxious I first take deep breaths for a few minutes. If you have a pet hug them and hold them for a while
November 17th, 2015 8:29pm
I inhale slowly while counting to 6, I hold in that breath while slowly counting to 7, then I exhale slowly while counting to 8. I repeat until my anxiety fades.
November 30th, 2015 8:49am
Thinking positive things, be in a positive environment, ignore negative people, read new things, hear some good music.
December 22nd, 2015 1:49pm
I take long hard slow deep breaths, then i try to focus my negative thoughts from myself onto something else.