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What's the better career for someone with bipolar disorder?

3 Answers
Last Updated: 09/06/2021 at 7:12pm
What's the better career for someone with bipolar disorder?
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Lisa Meighan, BSc Psychology (Honours)


Hello, I am Lisa and I work in a person-centred approach mixed with cognitive behavioural therapy. I believe we all have the potential to be the best we can be.

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March 4th, 2018 6:07pm
There isn't really a straight forward answer to this, people with bipolar can do any career they wish if their bipolar is controlled. I am a mental health nurse and i know some people with bipolar who are nurses. Obviously some jobs are more stressful than others, but with the right support people can do anything they wish.
August 16th, 2021 6:39pm
Something with low stress and support that allows you to do something that you are naturally good at and enjoy. An example would be a Web developer Web developers use codes to build websites that are functional and easy to use. If you like problem solving and working independently in an evolving industry, web development might be a good fit for you. Developers often work as part of a larger team within a company but many are also freelancers. Another example is Accountant Accounting jobs usually involve completing consistent tasks in a calm office environment. If you have a head for numbers, you might enjoy the stability this role can bring. Another example is Hair stylist Hair stylists help others feel and look good. You can work in a salon with steady, regular hours or find flexibility by freelancing. Hair styling is a great career path for those with a creative flair who enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life.
September 6th, 2021 7:12pm
Dealing with bipolar disorder can be an all-consuming struggle many times. feeling out of bounds or standing on the edge of life is scary and can pose a lot of difficulty. in choosing a career path it is wise to consider strengths and weaknesses and whether bipolar is one of the other is completely subjective. However, it is wise to know whether something will trigger you personally. for example having bipolar does not mean you cannot do what you want to do in life, it means it may be a little bit harder for you than your non-bipolar peers. choosing a career full of stress and unreasonable working hours may be a big trigger to most people with bipolar, to some others sitting at a 9-5 hour desk job everyday may be a trigger. find what triggers you and what jobs you want/could do and find something that is compatible, in the end of the day if it does not work out there are infinite number of careers to try out