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Bf said he needs time, he said he still loves me but he just needs time. What does this mean?

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Last Updated: 12/08/2020 at 9:45pm
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Lindsay Simon, LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

I work from a holistic perspective to help my clients heal from various mental, emotional, and relationship problems. My style is direct,honest, supportive, and nonjudgmental.

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December 8th, 2020 9:45pm
When people choose to express a kind of desire for purely individual time and space, it can often mean just that. Your boyfriend could be dealing with personal issues that he believes would be best solved alone, on his own. Sometimes, relationships can be an extra aspect of someone's life that can often make it harder to deal with personal issues. This could range from anxiety, depression, or even a feeling of inadequacy, that they would want to(and believe can be more easily) deal with on their own. If he says he still loves you but would like some time alone, I would be more apt to believe what he says and support that choice.