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Can’t stop checking ex’s social. Specifically tried restricting access to her twitter page by using restrictions on websites on my phone, but that’s too easy to undo. What works?

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Last Updated: 12/08/2020 at 11:22am
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December 8th, 2020 11:22am
It can be mentally unhealthy to live in the past, friend. If you’re finding it difficult to move on, block your ex on social media and clear your cache so you’re not tempted to search her. Ask mutual friends not to mention her to you, or let you know what she’s doing, even if you ask. Checking social media can be tempting to make sure she hasn’t moved on, especially if you want her back. But you might see something to hurts you rather than helps you. It’s best to have a clean break. Maybe try giving yourself a week off from social media go stifle the urge to check in.