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How do I disentangle myself from someone I have literally built my life around?

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Last Updated: 09/19/2016 at 2:04am
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March 27th, 2015 3:43pm
From experience, time and distance is the best way to heal from something like that. Distance yourself from that person by doing things like deleting them from your phone so you do not get the urge to call or text them, delete them from social media so you do not see them every day, meet new people that will help you grow as a new person, and find things that will help you figure out who you outside and away from that other person.
May 14th, 2015 9:27pm
Its a step wise journey. You can keep the gifts away, stop calling, find something new to do. life is like a tree. It grows again.
June 24th, 2015 8:13am
I found it best to just get back to your friends and just remake yourself. Find out what you want and do what makes you happy.
November 11th, 2015 6:31pm
If u r not comfortable with them then u must disentangle asap.. wat matters is u and your happiness.. nothing feel free to free urself fromg anything which doesnt make u happy 😉
January 25th, 2016 1:04am
By realising what has caused you to need or want to be disentangled. If you are living with the person take the necessary steps to leave.
September 19th, 2016 2:04am
Sometimes we just need to be independent. Get out from relying on someone so much. Take it one step of the time and find ways that you can be more independent in the process.