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how do I finish a long relationship ?

3 Answers
Last Updated: 12/07/2020 at 8:42am
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July 31st, 2018 4:55am
Ending long relationships are always hard, but it's best to just rip the band-aid right off. It might blindside the other a bit, but it's best to just lay all your cards out on the table then to put up with being unhappy in your current relationship, no matter how long it lasted.
May 7th, 2018 4:33pm
I suppose you ask how you break up. It's rather simple in that case. You tell your partner so straight on, don't run around and cheat, tell them what you feel.
December 7th, 2020 8:42am
Being in a committed relationship can sometimes be tough to get out of because of each individual being so comfortable with one another and the longevity of the relationship. Suggestively , being open to speaking about the relationship with the other person is a start on how to end things. Communicating positively always seems to get good results for most people ! Weighing out your pros and cons can also be of help. Safety is always important when having conversations with people who may be abusive. Making sure no one is harming the other can avoid a crisis .