How do I know if my ex is thinking about me?

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August 3rd, 2016 4:56am
People generally break up for a reason. If that reason is still there, the only thing to do is to move on. If someone wants you back they will do something about it.
September 8th, 2016 6:08am
Most of the time obsessing over your ex isn't a good thing. It holds you back more than it pushes you forward. Instead of wondering if they're thinking of you, why don't you direct your energy elsewhere?
July 21st, 2016 1:35am
Look for sign's and ask around to find out if she has talked about you. This should give you an idea
July 31st, 2016 6:47pm
You can never really tell for sure but if you are thinking of him and you think he might feel the same then you could try talking to him.
August 13th, 2016 6:19am
Worry about yourself, you should think about you, you should make yourself happy. You do not depend on anyone elses approval or affection
August 20th, 2016 4:40am
It is when she is trying to make you understand that she is not in love with you any more but asking her friends about you. And she messages you to know how are you and pretends to show her love.
October 14th, 2016 1:21am
We'll all remember our ex, they were part of our life. Just like you remember them, they'll remember you.
April 6th, 2018 3:34pm
You can't know that unless they tell you for sure. If he doesn't try and communicate with you then maybe hes moved on or hes thinking of a way to talk to you about how he feels.
September 23rd, 2016 10:58am
life would make such circumstances that you will get to know. But if he does not think about you this should not hurt you . you should try to move on
October 8th, 2016 7:40am
You can't know that. I know you might want to know that, but we can only control our thoughts, and the only way to know if he's thinking abiut is if he tells you that.
March 5th, 2017 4:38am
The reality is that you do not know whether your ex is thinking of you. What you should be wondering is whether you may still have feelings for your ex. If you still care whether your ex is thinking of you then you are not over them.
July 14th, 2017 7:43pm
Sometimes you won't know unless you speak to them or go on their social media and they say directly they are missing you. (You don't want to make the assumption that whatever they post via social media is always about you, won't really make either of you happy if it goes south). But they're an ex for a reason, things didn't work out and that's okay, you will find someone better for you and you won't think about them like this or any way. You'll be okay, good luck.
November 23rd, 2017 8:38pm
He would mostly think about you when he's is lonely or bored. Then he starts to miss you and everything you guys been through.
January 6th, 2018 4:50am
It is normal after a relationship to think about our former partner. This is part of the process through which we heal and grow. I wouldn’t be surprised if your ex was thinking about you, what really matters though is that due to your incompatibilities that you are not together, and it is important to understand that even though we have feelings for someone that they aren’t necessarily right for us and being with them isn’t always a healthy decision .
January 7th, 2018 1:08pm
You can't. You aren't a mind reader. So you stop thinking about your ex...that will work much better.
January 28th, 2018 6:05pm
The more you do not know about your ex, the better. You guys broke up for a reason. Don’t let him/her get the better of you by thinking if they think about you or not. Move on, try better things in life, enjoy opportunities, and try living a little harder everyday. Your ex is nothing as essentially important.
February 16th, 2018 4:05pm
It doesn't matter if they are thinking about you. If they are not reaching out then they don't care enough. We are all human so occasionally we will think of our exes and in turn they will think about us too, that's a fact; but if he or she is not making the effort to reach out, then acknowledge the thought and let it go. My ex has been on my mind alot lately. I don't understand why because the relationship was horrible. I keep telling myself, if he is thinking of me as much as I am thinking about him then, he will do something about it. I will not reach out to him because he was not a good boyfriend. He lied and cheated he was manipulating and selfish. So I guess my thoughts will remain as just thoughts.
April 5th, 2018 9:18am
You can never truly tell what someone is thinking, but if the ex is reaching out for contact, you can be assured that they have thought enough about you to actually contact you.
July 22nd, 2016 5:29pm
Do you really have to think of it... let your ex be ex.. don't haper her/him in your present... live in present..shut the past!
August 3rd, 2016 9:07am
The reality is, you don't know. It is possible, because thinking about your ex is normal. Consider the question what does it mean to you if there are thinking about you?
August 26th, 2016 6:43am
Because his reactions about you, if he talks to you, and if he post things about you or relationed with you
August 27th, 2016 5:50am
I believe that you should be thinking about yourself presently and doing what you need to be doing to take care of you.
September 9th, 2016 9:52am
See you never know if he is thinking about you maybe he is thinking about you right now you never know
September 9th, 2016 10:29am
You can tell with someone cares when they communicate with you too. He most likely will reach out to you and try to get in touch.
October 2nd, 2016 7:34pm
It is important that you try not to focus on what your ex is doing. Instead, focus on what you are doing, focus on your own well-being and health, as that is what is important. Put yourself first.
May 5th, 2017 10:43pm
Think of it as how he is acting around you. If he seems to want to be close to you, mentions you a lot, or tries to talk to you out of the blue, he probably has you on his mind. If he seems the same way he has since you broke up then he probably isn't. But if they are thinking about you, don't give into them again so easily. They broke your heart once before and probably wont hesitate to do it again.
December 23rd, 2017 2:25am
You don't unless they bring it up with you and that's okay, the best thing to do is move on healthily
April 22nd, 2018 4:34am
You won't be able to know. I mean at some point you will probably ask his/her friends and they will perhaps tell you about how they're feeling(But I am not advocating this and I do not recommend this) However, if you're expecting anything from your ex then you should allow it to happen organically while giving them space.
June 24th, 2018 9:49pm
If they are truly thinking about you, they'll get in touch sooner or later. They will get to a point where they have to get in touch if they are thinking about you often.
August 2nd, 2018 9:14pm
I don't know how you would fully know whether or not an ex is thinking about you. I hope none of mine are thinking about me... I mean that's why they are exes, am I right? lol