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is it a bad thing to stay in love with someone who left you?

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Last Updated: 11/08/2021 at 8:02pm
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March 25th, 2020 1:23am
It is completely normal to stay in love with someone who left you. After all you were with this person for a reason. The important thing is to take care of yourself and love yourself. You should allow yourself the chance to move on and heal. It will not be easy at first but time will slowly heal the wounds until you are ready to try again with someone new, if that is what you desire. During this time remember your value and be patient with yourself. Also, do not forget to contact someone if you need to talk.
April 1st, 2020 2:18am
Absolutely not! Love is a very complicated feeling that can leave us confused at times. Love is also a very powerful feeling that can make us feel like we are on cloud nine or down in the dumps. It is not bad to have genuine feelings for a person, even if they are no longer in your life. Over time, sometimes, we fall out of love with people, and sometimes we will go on loving that person for the rest of our life. Time will heal you, you are not wrong to feel how you feel, even if the person has been gone for a long time.
April 2nd, 2020 5:34am
Good Evening, I understand how it feels to be in love. Love sometimes is very confusing. I remember when my ex girlfriend left me a few years ago and I asked myself the same thing. What I had to learn is that if she didn’t see me for the positive characteristics I have, she doesn’t deserve to have me stress and weep over here. Love is something that you don’t get over easy. However, the lesson I learned was never let love lead you down a path that makes you feeling empty or cause yourself to blame yourself for them leaving you.
April 2nd, 2020 9:18pm
I think that love cannot be controlled many times. therefore it is not wrong to continue feeling love, as long as you do not let the person hurt you. You do not control continuing to feel love, but by working on your self-love you can slowly come out of that infatuation that is hurting you. If the person left you and you still suffer because of it, it is better that you find a way to forget, forgive and let go. You are worth a lot, remember it. Remember that you do not deserve that people mistreat you. Would you let a friend get hurt? treat yourself as you would treat those you love the most.
April 11th, 2020 1:07pm
To be in love with someone that left you is not something you have to feel bad and upset about, everyone may feel the same in some time of their life. People come and people go in our lives and we can’t do anything about it. You just have to remind yourself who you are and that they don’t deserve your love if they leave you. You are great and kind and have so much to give but you have to find the right person that will make the same effort as you. YOU DONT NEED THEM, you need yourself. If you want to get over it go out with your friends , have fun or spend time with your family, because those are the people that truly love you.
April 12th, 2020 6:04am
It is not a bad thing if it does not affect your present or future. But most of the times that is a sign you should move on and find new love. It is the time to learn to let go of that love, relationship and move on, with someone who will appreciate and love you. As long as you'll be stuck in the past emotionally, you won't be able to find the future. Easier said than done, because letting go of someone you care about is definitely the most difficult thing to do. If the person left you, it's best to learn to let go and move on.
April 16th, 2020 9:43am
Staying in love is a choice. I have always loved the same person for more than 10 years now. It was not a perfect relationship. We had to go through all the twists and turns to be where we are right now. For me, if a person leaves you- it is their choice and your response to their action is your choice. Would you let go of that person and continue living or will you hold on to the thought that maybe, just maybe that person might come back. If I wwre to ask- we all must know our worth, we are worth more than that. I hope people find strength to keep going on despite of the circumstances. Someone is writing the perfect love story for you. If its not yet rainbow and butterflies, then its not yet the end.
April 17th, 2020 3:57am
You probably already know the answer to this question but you are hesitant about acting it out. If they have permanently left you, there is no reason to drag it out - the relationship has ended for more than one reason. It will only increase your hurt if anything happened between the two of you and you are losing out on the potential of a much better relationship. Say that there is a big possibility of them returning, (is there) why did they leave in the first place when they did not think of to stay with you for a long time?
April 22nd, 2020 11:38pm
It's never a bad thing to identify and feel your emotions. Even if your loved one is no longer physically in your everyday life, you can still feel a connection to that person. Feeling in love still could just indicate that you had really meaningful relationship, or maybe you are in love with the "idea" of that person, or the memories you've shared, or how they made you feel. I think it is important to appreciate what they meant to you and move on when you are ready. Breaking up is so hard to do- you might have leaned heavily on this person for support-but just know that you are just as strong on your own too!
November 8th, 2021 8:02pm
It's completely normal to love someone who left you. You put all of your love and time into that one person, and when they left, they took those feelings with them. Over time, you will recollect those feelings. If staying in love after they left you doesn't hinder your day to day life, then it's alright. However, if it is, then its best to move on. There might be someone out there far better for you and opens your eyes.