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Is it still worth trying if he/she broke up with me several times?

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Last Updated: 07/31/2020 at 7:46pm
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November 4th, 2016 4:23pm
Yes, love is always worth everything. Temptations cannot be resisted. You will regret it if you let that person go.
March 22nd, 2017 6:02am
That totally epends on you. I have seen many relationships who play this break up-patch up dance regularly. The question is if you both are truly happy with each other or not.
August 27th, 2017 1:56pm
To be honest, if you broke up several times, it means there is a problem which remained unsolved. If you solve that problem, you might find the answer.
November 16th, 2017 7:36am
Yes unless she likes some one else. You should keep trying and not give up no matter what and I hope you succeed
November 17th, 2017 8:43pm
Definitely people make mistakes all the time. Especially when they think it's the right decision. It's always good to forgive and forget. It'll take time but it'll be worth it.
December 2nd, 2017 5:29am
I would try to talk it over again with the person, if you think they are going to break up with you again it is up to you to take that risk,].
December 23rd, 2017 2:27am
No because it means the person is stringing you along, it would be best to find someone new who actually thinks you're worth their time
December 29th, 2017 5:32am
Honestly, it depends on what the past break ups were over. Also, if you find yourself in love with this person after being put through those breaks up. Do you love you back? If the break ups were over something little, then there's no reason to worry. If they make you happy, then keep trying. If it doesn't work out, at least you can say that you tried your best.
January 18th, 2018 6:29pm
Personally, I would not advise this. If they have broken up with you several times before, there is nothing saying they won't do it again. It sounds as if they may have some issues of their own that they need to sort out first.
January 31st, 2018 8:00pm
If the reasons why you broke up have changed, it's possible it may be worth it. Or maybe not. In other words, will the problems you guys had reoccur? Or do you see yourself in a deadly cycle of breaking up over and over again? Have you guys spent enough time apart to see why you guys broke up, and have one or both of you changed enough to start again? Or is the feeling of wanting to try again an impulse, which might lead to a regretful, hasty decision?
March 1st, 2018 7:40pm
I think this is a question that really only you can answer, and maybe it’d be more effective to ask yourself why you keep allowing somebody to leave you so many times, when you’ve managed to stick by yourself your whole life, and your pretty great! Ask yourself what you’re trying for, whether your confusing how she / he makes you feel, with how you WANT to feel. It’s okay to be in love with the idea of being in love, even when the reality isn’t so sweet. But sometimes, reality is what we need, and when you’ve been confronted with that reality several times, it might be worth taking some time to fall in love with yourself instead.
March 5th, 2018 10:02am
In my experience? No. If two people both want to be together, then they'll make it work regardless of circumstances. If one of them doesn't want to put the effort in, it won't.
May 7th, 2018 12:11pm
It is not easy. Sometimes You can't even do anything. You just have to work on yourself. Don't take any quick decision. With time you'll find a better answer.
June 24th, 2018 1:29pm
it is good to give our loved ones 2 or 3 chances because they deserve this. but giving them more than that is like allowing them to commit mistake again and again. we need some sort of restrictions and control to be on the right path, if we get all the freedom there is a great chance that we will go or let them go on the wrong path... like a lot of love and care along with fulfilling all the needs and demands of a child in spite of right or wrong.. we end up spoiling the child.. we should only allow for the goods and stop the bad so we should not overdo anything .. we are humans and we commit mistakes but repeating the mistake is not a good thing..
June 27th, 2018 4:48pm
It really depends on the person's true self.. if u really love his character and agree people make mistakes then go again
August 1st, 2018 12:30am
Probably not. If they really loved you/ wanted to be with you they would've never broke up with you in the first place. Don't waste your time on someone that doesn't want you❤
August 22nd, 2018 3:26am
If they keep coming back to you, yes it is still worth a try. Because that is a proof they are trying too. And also whatever is wrong could be workable. Because not everything is perfect, and this little bit of imperfection may actually spice up the relationship and keep it undying. But if it is we who are running back to them, I think we better stop trying. Because it's a clear proof they are sure about their decision to break up. It is difficult but then that is how it is. Rushing back to a person whose emotions are not on par with ours will impact negatively, flaming distrust and constant insecurity.
July 27th, 2019 4:48pm
In the end, that is solely your decision. However, based on my experience, on and off relationships are often toxic and don't have happy endings for both partners. I was in a couple unhealthy relationships where it was on and off. In the end, it drained me of my energy and took away my sense of self. The more I stayed attached to my ex-partner, the more sense of self and independence I lost. While my experience isn't the same as yours, I highly recommend moving on. It may hurt for a while, but in the long-term you will be happier.
February 16th, 2020 5:11am
If a partner broke-up with me several times, I would surely question myself if it’s worth trying. I can only speak from experience, on my case it turns out to be toxic for both of us in the end and love shouldn’t be toxic so I had to give up. Love brings out the best in a person but when it turns toxic it can also bring out the bad and the ugly. Choosing to try is choosing hope but one needs to know when to call it quits, and you’ll know. You’ll know when it’s time. If it brings out the worst in you, if you feel it’s taking a toll on your everyday life, if everyone else sees is the same and you don’t, if saying “I love you” becomes daunting and becomes a duct tape to end an argument, if you start to doubt yourself, if you start feeling you’re not good enough... it’s time to rethink and maybe time to set both of you free.
March 18th, 2020 11:16pm
I personally feel like it is a bit risky to try again after so many break ups. If you do decide to rejoin in a relationship with someone who you have been on and off with, you both need to know what exactly you want out of the relationship, and have that clear communication so that your hearts don't get hurt again. Do you both want a long lasting relationship? Those are the sorts of questions to ask. Depending on their answer, that will help guide you to knowing whether this is the right relationship to be in for you.
October 13th, 2016 5:32am
It depends on the reason. Maybe you can talk to them about the breakups and why they happen, or maybeyou can focus on a new crush
October 13th, 2016 8:55am
I would suggest that you weigh up the positives and negatives about this situation. Does this make you happy? Do you make each other happy? Do you feel joy when you are with her? Or do you feel as though she may end the relationship again? Sometimes it is better to move on, as hard as it can seem at the time. But if you truly love each other, try talking to her. Let her know how you feel.
November 3rd, 2016 8:34pm
It better be. If not, you woudn't have to go back to him/her since long back. But if you seriously think its not worth it, then push yourself a little harder than before.
November 4th, 2016 7:55pm
Im not exactly allowed to give advice, but you should do what you think is best if you think it is worth trying then go for it if not then dont
November 6th, 2016 6:57am
The answer to this question very much depends on how your relationship is with that person and why they keep breaking up with you. Ask yourself some questions on how you think your relationship with them is and about the reasons they leave you and if you want that or not. Just remember there are plenty of people here to chat with!
November 9th, 2016 1:14pm
they say that things happen for a reason, maybe the multiple break ups is a sign - sometimes it's best to move on instead of going through pain and suffering multiple times.
December 16th, 2016 5:43pm
if you feel good about trying it another time you should. but if you think you are not happy everytime he breaks up with you, you should get this negative attitude out of your life,
January 25th, 2017 4:54pm
In my personal experience, it is no longer worth the time and energy that is going into trying to make it work. I had an on/off again boyfriend for a while and there is a reason we kept breaking up. Our hearts held lots of emotion for each other, and that was hard to walk away from, but ultimately, both of our lives improved greatly for finally being able to put an end to the toxic cycle we were in. We brought out the worst in each other more often than the best, and no amount of love was able to change that.
January 26th, 2017 3:15am
That is up to you honestly and how you feel about the relationship along with why they broke up with you several times. More often than not when people break up with you several times, it is best to leave it be and find ways to move on and be happy for yourself. Sometimes those relationships work out, but often the individual who is breaking up with you needs to find out what it is they want and find themselves before deciding to get back together with you. Usually they are simply uncertain but on occasion they could also be using you until they figure things out because they do not want to be alone. It is one of those very complicated situations that you have to observe the signs
February 3rd, 2017 7:22am
I don't think so. Just imagining if this happened to me, I would question why he/she broke up with me and why he/she kept coming back. If this person wanted to be with me and was serious about it, a first break up most likely wouldn't even have happened. Why does he/she keep coming back after deciding to leave me? Did this person just not find what he/she was looking for in anybody else so then just settled to come back to me? Is he/she wholeheartedly considering my feelings when making that decision? How is this affecting me? Do I feel like my feelings are being played with?