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Is it still worth trying if he/she broke up with me several times?

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Last Updated: 07/25/2020 at 3:07pm
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July 13th, 2018 10:05pm
It depends on what you feel. Do you love this person? Or were you dating just to date? Do you believe there is a possible future?
July 14th, 2018 10:24am
There is a limit for everything, If he/she doesn't respect you now will be for the future. Next time it happens walk away.
July 21st, 2018 1:30am
Breaking up is hard process but when the same person is breaking up with you and you going back to the same thing, i think and own experience has taught me that you have to take moment and say is this worthed cause your heart gets broken by the same person and you not able to let go. It will make you depressed and feeling you have done something wrong.
July 26th, 2018 2:03pm
Ask yourself if they respect you or not and if you trust them or not. A healthy relationship has both respect and trust. This is the answer to "is it still worth it". If both are yes then it is, if not then decide on what is the best to do.
August 2nd, 2018 8:50am
If he/she broke up with you many times then no because there are so many more people out there and you deserve the best
August 22nd, 2018 8:37pm
If that person has broke up with you so many times to the point where you have to question your relationship, it’s not worth it. You shouldn’t have to keep going back to a ‘toxic’ relationship if that person is just going to break your heart again. Breakups can cause so many different issues like metal health such as depression. It really depends on the situation, if he/she is going through a rough time themselves, you should give them a little time to sort themselves out before they can sort anything else out. Fixing yourself is 100% key.
August 23rd, 2018 5:40pm
In my opinion, if they break your heart the second time, don't give them any other chances. 1) If they broke up with you several times, that shows they don't value you for who you are. 2) Don't give yourself away to them, especially if you see they don't care as much as you do for them. Don't let anyone take advantage of you and ruin your happiness and peace. If someone approaches you and loves you for you, they will learn to display it in a way that delights you. They'll learn to find your likes of affection.
August 27th, 2018 3:58pm
I don't think it's worth it cause usually the same thing that makes he/she break up with you countless times will be the reason why you will keep on breaking up especially if that thing is not fixed. When we break up from a relationship we often remember the best part of the relationship and we start missing them therefore the urge to want to go back to that person. Once we act on it and go back to the last person we then realize the things we couldn't stand that made us leave the relationship in the first place and we break it off again. The cycle keeps going until the other party is really left damaged. When you break up with someone if you try it again if you must and it doesn't work out its always best to move on.
September 7th, 2018 2:56pm
An on and off relationship is an instable relationship you need to watch out for all the other patterns of your partner and if he/she is ready to have a meaningful relationship...Life is too short to waste time over fixing a relationship if things doesn't work then believe that universe has much more better plan for you in store.Most of the times we get stuck in this situation just giving ourself the false hope that things will eventually be like it use to be the time you both started dating and above all let go anything which is causing you lack of mental peace
September 13th, 2018 6:14pm
Absolutely not. From experience that person is unsure of something within themselves and therefore cannot commit to you in a relationship. It is not worth the fight to keep trying to hold on to someone that only makes you feel second best. It is difficult to leave someone like this because sometimes they are so manipulative that they make you feel like you need them in your life and they are your only option. Take it from me they are not. There are plenty fish in the sea and you deserve someone that makes you their first and only opportunity. Always look after yourself first and the right person will come along.
October 20th, 2018 5:57am
well its worth it if you are good at keep trying. if it happened so many times and still you are together that means there is something special. with time this special feeling goes away. if you really feel loved then keep trying until you marry else stop right away, as it would be more painful later. Its just that its okay to breakup and patchup but you should know the value of the person you are doing it for. just remember being patient is the solution. be patient and calm and try to live your life up to the day. if you feel happy amogst yourself ull be happy no matter what.
October 25th, 2018 2:28am
In my experience, no, you gave it your best go, but now it is time to move on and see if you could both be happier and more stable in different relationships. Whether or not you remain freiends is entirely down to your personal and unique relationship but if it ended on bad terms or you both still feel strongly about eachother, I strongly suggest cutting off all major contact until you are both in good places and all romantic feelings have left. If you have already tried several times to make it work and it hasn’t, this is a clear sign to move on to a healthier relationship.
October 26th, 2018 10:01am
Are you worth being broken up with several times? It's okay to try once, twice or even more than that for the sake of love. But afterwards it becomes clear that they have other expectations from life. You're worth someone who wants you, and tries for you. Know your worth, love yourself till you find the one who'll really choose you. If they really are the one they'll come back, you don't need to be the one pulling them back every single time. As they say, if it's yours it will come back to you. Give yourself a chance.
November 7th, 2018 5:16pm
it depends on what he/she is doing that, if there is a very big and good reason, perhaps it is worth trying. otherwise no. you must always know that you are so valuable and you are not meant to be played with. always fight for something that you love and care for. but never degrade yourself. always know you value, your worth and let nothing and no one to make you feel unworthy. and even if you found one big reason for his/her doing. try to solve it out, still dont accept to breakup everyday, because it will make your heart suffer.
November 14th, 2018 4:27pm
If your significant other has made it clear that they are not interested in you anymore, you should not pressure them to stay with you. My ex girlfriend was really hard to break up with and that hurt me a lot, so I am speaking out of personal experience. If your significant other has said in the past that they might like someone else or that they don't feel the same they did before, the best thing you can do is show respect towards that. This doesn't mean you don't get to be sad, because you do. You two deserve to be happy, but you can't both be happy if one of you isn't (this is a little confusing)
November 21st, 2018 11:55am
Only you can know for sure in the moment, however, the bigger picture needs to be looked at seriously in these events. What are both parties feeling to cause this recurrence? It is such a difficult thing to be set aside the brought back out so many times. No one deserves to be treated that way or to have their feelings toyed with. Most answers will point to no in this situation as we all have a limited time on this Earth and we have to make the best out of it. You can only truly make one person happy, and that person is you. It is not your job to make sure someone else is happy, and if this situation is to arise you need to do what is best for you overall and for the future.
December 6th, 2018 7:03pm
Since you broke up several times. I guess its okay haha. If she meant breaking up with you permanently then she would not have came back, right? So you should try yes. Just do not let her break uo with you this time. Dont make mistakes. And if you think you are forcing her then do not try. She might not be interested in yiu anymore. In that case, you should not try. I hope you get that. You might try it. Love is not easy. Dating is not easy. Relation is not easy also. :( :)
December 12th, 2018 8:00am
No, it is definitely not worth trying. At this point, if they are putting you on a mental and emotional roller coaster like this, then they are not worth it. Even though you might still love them, and love the idea of being back together with them - just know the toll on your mental health this can cause. You will be constantly worried about whether this it'll last. Maybe the reason they broke up with you was because they needed more experience or to grow and mature more, and in that case the best way to handle this situation would be to grow your friendship first - then maybe later you can revisit the idea of a romantic relationship :)
December 13th, 2018 6:57am
We must always be self reflective and mindful of what drives us into why we want to stay in a relationship that may not be a healthy one. An on again-off again one most likely will leave us feeling insecure. If a person has broken up with us several times and we keep allowing this person to walk in and out of our lives we have set up a certain pattern of acceptance to this behavior. Only you can decide how long and why you're willing to accept this. It is Important to recognize your self worth and the value inner peace has in your life. Always remember that everyday you are with the wrong're missing out on the possibility of meeting the right person.
December 28th, 2018 8:13am
Whatever bring happiness to your heart, brings peace to your mind is worth trying. Relationship grows with time, miscommunication, confusion, agreement are things which will go side by side. And all of this is important to have a balance in your relationship. If someone wants to broke up and that would give him/her happiness or peace than let it be, don't just be with someone to show off to this world or for someone's else benefit, what matters is our internal peace and our satisfaction. Communication is something which can do wonders, even if there is some dis agreement, we can communicate and try to bring things to a closure.
January 3rd, 2019 1:54pm
Honestly no, i don’t think so because once is worth another go because people can change, thrive in a relationship again but if they break up again with you multiple times you deserve better and it’s clearly not working to the best of what you both deserve. Due to the fact if they do break up with you multiple times there’s something missing in both of your parts of the relationship. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will always be broken up with because that’s not true, you just need to find the one person who will not break up with you
January 5th, 2019 7:36pm
This is a question that only you can answer for yourself. It's your life and your choices. If you feel like this person and a relationship is worth pursuing despite the fact that you have tried before and it has not worked out, then give them another shot. However, also ask yourself if it's worth the feelings of self doubt, sadness, inadequacy and pain when and if they walk away again. Before you make a decision, it's also wise to look at the relationship in an objective light and try to see where the issues lie and what led to the breakups. Was it a recurrent issue like a fear of commitment that needs to be resolved before you can go forward as a couple, or was it something like a basic personality conflict? Was it several small issues that grew into something so big that the other person felt they needed to walk away instead of work with you to resolve them? Try to look at all objectively, without emotions, and decide if whatever went wrong is something that can be fixed, and if they are willing to work with you on those issues.
January 13th, 2019 6:07am
That all depends on how you feel. Think about the reasons she broke up with you, we're they legitimate in your opinion? Have things in the relationship changed for the better? Do you resent her for having broken up with you before? If you really love her and you feel as though there has been a change for the better then sit and discuss the past breakups with her. Find a new way to work on the relationship and open up space for conversations so that when something is wrong you can talk it out and decide the best outcome for the situation. Best of luck.
January 26th, 2019 12:54am
Take a minute to reflect on what you are asking here. Ask yourself some questions.... Will getting back together with this person put me in a safe place? Will it bring me joy? What did it feel like to date this person before? Do I want that in my life again? Why did we break up the past times? What did the last break ups say about them as a person? Sometimes people break up with people multiple times because they think they aren't ready and want another chance.... but sometimes the constant break ups can be more. It can be manipulative and playing with your emotions and it is up to you to see what is going on and if you want that person back in your life.
March 20th, 2019 5:50pm
It depends. Sometimes people are on and off because they're still trying to figure themselves out while trying to love someone when they're having trouble loving themselves and it gets to be too much and they need a break. But, if you want to try again, make sure this time you both are ready to love each other the right way. As long as long as you two love each other and are both trying, it'll always be worth it. But if it's one sided, that needs to change. You can't make a relationship work if you both aren't trying to fix it.
March 27th, 2019 5:22pm
Sorry to be harsh, but I don't believe so. If they continuously are hurting you, it doesn't seem like it is worth it. It may hurt in the beginning, especially if you are used to their support in your life. However, you need to consider the long-term and how you might be permanently affected if you continue to have your heart broken. It could lessen your trust in relationships even if a new person is perfect for you. If they keep breaking up with you, then they most likely don't want to have you in a relationship, but they want to keep you in their life. Keep that in mind.
April 4th, 2019 4:39am
if you love them , always try . but if your to the point where they treat you wrong and you have no hope and know it won’t work . then give up , it’s hard to do but if they cheat or your unhappy and they make no effort there no point in trying anymore . i know it’s hard to think about and do but you go to do what’s best for you and what makes you happy . not what others think, or feel . do what’s best for you and live your life happy and to the fullest
April 17th, 2019 1:18pm
It depends on what you mean by "worth trying". If you mean, keep doing whatever it is you've been doing until now, that doesn't seem to make sense. Repeating something that doesn't work over and over rarely gets a successful outcome. If by "worth trying" you mean exerting efforts to increase your ability to work together to understand each other, where the issue is, and how to mutually address it, that's something else. If you do mean the latter, it might be a worthwhile exercise even if the relationship doesn't work out as you hoped. Best of luck to you!
May 1st, 2019 2:09am
If they keep stringing you along and breaking up over and getting back together, there's clearly something that isn't working and it may be time to reconsider your relationship. You should be that persons priority and if they keep breaking up it shows that the relationship isn't healthy at this point in time. It's hard when you love someone, but it's about what is going to be better for the both of you in the long run, breakups hurt but being in an unhealthy relationship can be a lot more damaging mentally over a long period of time
June 2nd, 2019 9:07am
Honestly I’d say no. There’s no hurt in trying, but if they’ve broke up with you more than once, I’d say that it’ll end up the same way every time. If you truly love them then go for it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t keep on trying. I’d say this is a tough question. You never know if you get back together if it’ll work out or not. You might be with someone you truly love, or you’ll get your heart broken. Honestly it’s all up to you. It also depend if they’re worth all the effort to be with, or if they’re just a jerk.