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I've been in love with the same person for 19 years. They vanished about a month and a half ago. There's probably another woman. How do I move on? I feel sick. I'm barely functioning.

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Last Updated: 11/18/2019 at 11:38pm
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Theresa Gulliver, Registered Clinical Counsellor


Problems cannot be solved using the same level of thinking that created them. We must try something different. Gently, we turn your challenges into opportunities for healing.

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November 18th, 2019 11:38pm
I wish I could tell you you're probably overreacting, but I can't. 9 times out of 10, that's the case. Try not to blame yourself for not saying anything, think to yourself, "If I care about her, I'll want her to be happy". Her happiness should be enough to soothe you a small bit. If that doesn't help, then realize she could have had you, but she just missed out on someone amazing. If you are that loyal, that caring to love someone for that long, then guys like you are in high demand. I believe in soul mates, you might not but I believe that somewhere in the world, there is someone, waiting for you to make their heart whole again. Life will put us through trials and tests but if we prevail, we can win, and we can find our true loves. It'll hurt for a bit of time mate... but wallowing won't solve anything.
July 23rd, 2018 9:38pm
Focus on the creative things or your hobbies or the work you like to do most or spend time with the things... Make new friends to be happy ... Also can go for a short visit to some peaceful Place.
January 7th, 2019 10:16pm
Wow, I'm sorry to hear this my friend. Well, it want be easy to move on without kind of knowing what actually happen. You probably want to get some answers to what happen and what went wrong in your relationship. If you can it would be helpful if you knew that the person is ok and that nothing has happen to the person regarding their physical health. Once you find out that the person is ok than you can begin to try to move on with your life. It wouldn't be a bad idea to go to your doctor to get you something to help you relax, so that you can begin to think with good sense.