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My boyfried brokeup wiI'm pregnant, and my boyfriend broke up with me a day later. How can I convince him to stay?

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Last Updated: 11/23/2020 at 4:47pm
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November 23rd, 2020 4:47pm
This is a very sensitive issue. I have no idea if you want to go ahead in your pregnancy or not. If yes, you must realize you cannot fully depend on your boyfriend. If you go ahead with it, you have to inform him. It should be a decision of you both but you would have to deal with a lot of emotional, physical as well as social stress. You must find some people as emotional support or guardians. You can talk to his parents and your parents first. Tell them what you want. Be clear. Do not feel dependent on them. It should be your decision completely. You must share your feelings about the child and pregnancy to your guy. You have to tell him that it is both of your's responsibility and also tell him that you will always respect him if he stays with you. I know its tough but if he says no, then your life will change forever if you proceed. So think about it without any pressure. The decision should be yours. Take care.🤗