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We broke up, but I feel like I want to get back together with them. What should I do?

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Last Updated: 06/15/2020 at 2:02am
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September 20th, 2016 2:53am
This is a common feeling for someone in a recent break-up. Understand why you broke up, and it may help you realize you can move on. :)
December 25th, 2017 8:25pm
Break ups can be very difficult for anyone, there’s nothing quite like a sudden and painful end. Ask yourself the following questions before taking action: •How was your relationship? If it was good, strong between both of you, and you truly cared for each other, than this can be good. What were your faults? What were your wins? • How did it end? Dramatic ending can spell out defeat for future interactions. If you left on good terms, usually mutual agreement, then there’s room for something. •How is your relationship with them now? Being close friends doesn’t necessarily mean it can work out, you or the other person may want to keep the friendship you two have! •Lastly, do you really want to be back together with them? The initial relationship ended for a reason, take that into account! Once you’ve thought all of these through, the most important thing you can do is talk with the person of interest. Find out what went wrong, and if there are still feelings. What happens from there happens. Don’t act too negatively if the person rejects you, they may still feel uncomfortable or upset about the previous end of the relationship, or have another reason. Good luck!
March 26th, 2018 5:54pm
Tell them that you miss them and would like to meet up and talk about things, see how they react. I hope it goes well for you!
June 15th, 2020 2:02am
It's completely fine to feel the way that you are! There is no problem with wanting to get back together, but it is quite important to ask yourself some key questions before you plan your next steps. Do you want to get back together with them or do you simply miss the idea of them? What were the reasons for the break up and does this change the way you view the other person? Has the other person changed and do you feel like you are a better self when you are with them? And most importantly, are you confident about your decision? These are great questions to give you more perspective on your situation and can provide you a lot of insight on your feelings. I am sending you my best wishes and hugs. No matter what happens, the whole 7 cups community is here to support you for anything that you need!